is Hypnotherapy reliable?

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is Hypnotherapy a reliable method for "retrieving" memory?

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is Hypnotherapy reliable?

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Through a series of hypnotherapy sessions, the Hills recounted being abducted by alien beings into the UFO and given physical examinations

Image now a movie about the couple's apparent experience
Zabel told the Huffington Post that the couple's credibility was among the many reasons he was making the film.

'Whether one agrees that abductions happen or don't happen in the UFO field, this is an important story because it's the first time the world had its focus brought to bear on the phenomenon at all,' he said.

'I've always been interested in the case and to see that, as time has gone on, it's been a continuing story.'

Kathy Marden, the Hills' niece, who is also a social scientist, said: 'It was a case that was very thoroughly investigated by top-notch investigators. And what's very important was that Betty and Barney both had conscious recall of the experience, except for the UFO abduction itself.

'There have been many misleading statements in the mainstream media about what Betty and Barney actually remembered.

'The public was under the impression that Betty and Barney observed only a light in the sky, but those familiar with the case know that they observed much more,' Marden said. 'While their story has been challenged over and over again, nobody has been able to officially debunk it.' Read more: ... z1YxICSkIX
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