Kecksburg UFO crash, 45 years on

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Kecksburg UFO crash, 45 years on

Post by falkor » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:20 am

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Kecksburg UFO incident. The incident refers to a UFO sighting where a large fireball was witnessed by thousands of people across six U.S. states, as well as Ontario, Canada.

As the fireball streaked over Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, the fireball dropped debris over Michigan and northern Ohio, which stared some grass fires. Pennsylvania residents reported sonic booms.. Explanations quickly discounted included, a missile test, satellite debris or a plane crash. The media reported the incident as a meteor.

Eyewitnesses in Kecksburg, PA reported things differently from their vantage point. The residents in village of Kecksburg (30 miles from Pittsburgh) stated that something crashed in the woods nearby. A boy said that he witnessed the object land, while his mother saw a wisp of blue smoke from the area and alerted the authorities. Local volunteer fire department members reported that the object was as large as a Volkswagen beetle and shaped like an acorn. Around the base of the object, a band containing symbols much like Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Intense military personnel quickly descended on the site, secured it, and ordered civilians out out of the area. Witnesses stated that the object was removed on a flatbed truck, but the military contradicted their accounts by stating that they found “absolutely nothing” in the woods.
“The Tribune-Review from nearby Greenburg had a reporter at the scene; the headline in the newspaper the next morning was “Unidentified Flying Object Falls near Kecksburg — Army Ropes off Area”. The article continued with, “The area where the object landed was immediately sealed off on the order of U.S. Army and State Police officials, reportedly in anticipation of a ‘close inspection’ of whatever may have fallen… State Police officials there ordered the area roped off to await the expected arrival of both U.S. Army engineers and possibly, civilian scientists.” However, a later edition of the newspaper stated that nothing reportedly had been found after authorities searched the area.” – Wikipedia
Due to the similarities between the Kecksburg and Roswell events, the incident is often referred to as Pennsylvania’s Roswell. Read more about this incident on Wikipedia.

Last year, journalist and author Leslie Kean released her final report on the conclusion of the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against NASA that concerned the Kecksburg UFO case. Read her full report at The Coalition of Freedom

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