UFO chaser saw objects over Abercynon

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UFO chaser saw objects over Abercynon

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Aug 6 2010 WalesOnline

When Cardiff UFO chaser Jane McCarthy took photographs near Abercynon in 2004, she thought she’d snapped nothing more than the view across the Valley town.

But closer inspection revealed she saw something she believes is out of this world.

The 56-year-old and her husband Chris had taken a day off work and had headed up to the beauty spot hoping to spot UFOs. The only craft they saw was an unmarked black helicopter.

“It’s like we knew something was happening”, she said.

“There are two areas we went to. One is in Pontypridd overlooking Devil’s Tooth, the other is Devil’s Tooth itself.

“When we took photographs of Devil’s Tooth, there was a UFO in the photographs overlooking Abercynon village.”

Jane describes the object as “looking like a tanker”, “huge”, “with tubes coming out of it”.

The experience was not Jane’s first close encounter. That was more than twenty years ago at her house in Rhiwbina. She has spent much of the two decades since devoting her time to documenting sightings on her web site http://www.psychicinvestigators.net