The Times offers “free” Nexus 7

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The Times offers “free” Nexus 7

Post by rob42 » Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:06 am

This one is by Adam Smith:

"The Times is to offer subscribers to its digital version a “free” (sort of) Google Nexus 7 to read the virtual paper on – providing they subscribe for 18 months."

The full story can be read here: ... e-nexus-7/

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Re: The Times offers “free” Nexus 7

Post by falkor » Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:05 pm

The actual offer requires you to pay £299 up front, for which you’ll receive the Nexus 7 and 18 month subscription.

The subscription to the online Times normally costs £4 per week, so 18 months would set you back £312.

Add on the £199 cost of the tablet, and you’ve got a total price of £511, so you are saving £212 with the offer – or getting the Nexus and a few weeks of the Times for free. Which, if you were thinking of subscribing anyway, isn’t a bad deal.
See THE TIMES set out a long time ago - sectioning off their online news content for subscribers only

Maybe they thought that they would be the pioneers, that one newspaper after another would do the same

but nothing happened, it was just THE TIMES then and it's just the TIMES now

so how many people across the UK are actually signing up to online TIMES content? or how many companies? Companies can sign up allowing all theur company computers to automatically access TIMES content

and how many people would be "tempted" by this offer? :blotto:

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