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Sunday March 25,2012 By Jon Coates
A NEW investigation into the Titanic tragedy has uncovered evidence suggesting its sister ship Olympic is the one that sank amid an insurance scam and Government-sanctioned cover-up.

Researchers claim the virtually identical liners were switched the weekend before the “Titanic’s” maiden voyage and Olympic was deliberately sunk to save the White Star Line from financial ruin.

Another ship, the Californian, was supposed to rendezvous with the “Titanic” and rescue all on board.

However, a navigating error saw the “Titanic” hit an iceberg 12 miles from their Atlantic meeting point and go down without the Californian being alerted, with the deaths of 1,517. A new documentary, Titanic – The Shocking Story, alleges the government helped cover up one of the greatest frauds in maritime history because it needed the company’s liners for troop transporters during the looming First World War.

Three months after Olympic’s maiden voyage in 1911 it had collided with HMS Hawke off Southampton. Olympic was holed on its starboard side exactly where “Titanic” hit an iceberg six months later
Insurers refused to pay for Olympic’s £500,000 repair because an inquiry cleared the Navy vessel of wrongdoing.

The White Star Line could not afford the repairs so the liner was patched up but would not have passed its next safety inspection. The documentary claims that J Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, and its owner JP Morgan, who faced ruin, decided to switch Olympic for the Titanic before its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912.

Shipyard workers were apparently paid to change the names on the two vessels and on life rafts and life jackets.

Images of the sunken ship, from 2006, showed two letters of the Titanic name plate had fallen off, revealing an M and P engraved beneath.
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Well if I recall rightly this story has been floating around for some time...

The ships were a simular design but there were some minor differences, if I recall Some of the bridge, wireless room etc and propellor pitch. Olympic also carried less passengers and weighed less.
There is also a story that there was a fire on board in one of the coal stores when she sailed, how much of this is true I just don't know.
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