policeman Gary Heseltine moonlights as UFO investigator

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policeman Gary Heseltine moonlights as UFO investigator

Post by falkor » Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:10 pm

Serving police officer Gary Heseltine has become a specialist in investigating UFO sightings by his colleagues.

Published: 12:01AM BST 28 Sep 2009
Daily Telegraph
The 49-year-old detective constable, who works for British Transport Police in Leeds, has studied weird and wonderful conundrums in the UK's skies for years.

Seven years ago Det Con Heseltine created a database to cover UFO sightings by officers both on and off duty.

His favourite relates to 1979 when three unsuspecting bobbies parked up for a chat and a cigarette in a quiet country lane at 3am.

"One of the best to come my way was from Chiltern in the Thames Valley in 1979 involving a PC Eric Rayment and two of his colleagues," he said. "It was an amazing report."

They didn't think much of a bright white light in the distance that blurred into view for a few seconds before continuing their conversation.

"Five minutes later and suddenly the bright white light appears and it's the size of a football pitch shining a beam down the width of a football field," said the father-of-three.

"It was at an altitude of about 500 feet and was about a mile away from where they were."

After moving its beam across the landscape a remarkable thing happened.

"There are smaller objects flying around the larger object akin to the mother ship and suddenly it's gone, as corny as it sounds," the detective said.

Det Con Heseltine's interest in the paranormal was sparked when he was just 15.

He was walking his girlfriend home one evening in Scunthorpe when a white light past over them and appeared to be causing power cuts in neighbourhoods as it flew overhead.

He raced home to warn his parents that the light was coming their way.

They laughed at him but minutes later the light appeared and their power supply was lost too.

He has had two more first hand close encounters during the last 12 years.

At about 9.15pm on August 21 1999 he was sitting in the garden of his Wakefield home watching the stars.

"It was a lovely summer's night, I was looking at the stars when my partner drew my attention to three white lights in a triangle above the house in an arrowhead formation.

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Re: policeman Gary Heseltine moonlights as UFO investigator

Post by mj12cz » Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:14 pm

Yep I have read about this chap, He has put some time into this.

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Re: policeman Gary Heseltine moonlights as UFO investigator

Post by DarkKnight » Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:08 pm

Good on him, he should be thanked and commended for his effort.
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Re: policeman Gary Heseltine moonlights as UFO investigator

Post by rob42 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:45 pm

To bump on old thread...

This is an update on Gary Heseltine.

Gary has a new (as of April 2013 yet-to-be-launched) on-line magazine called UFO Truth Magazine http://ufotruthmagazine.com/

More information by Robbie Graham can be found here http://silverscreensaucers.blogspot.co.uk/

Gary Heseltine is an ex-police detective and served with the British Transport Police between 1989 and March 2013.

He began his UFO research in January 2002 and says that he had restrictions placed upon him by the police force, pertaining to the UFO subject.

In late 2009, after almost 50 years of operation, the MoD announced that it was to stop investigating reports of UFO sightings. Gary understood the implications this had, in so much as this had now removed the "official reporting procedure" [the regional police forces had been supplied with MoD forms on which to record the details of any reported sightings, before sending that form to the MoD] that most of the forces had in place, particularly when it came to police officers themselves wanting to report UFOs that they had witnessed.

He contacted 38 of the 43 regions of the UK police forces and told them he was a police officer with the BTP, working off-duty on the the unofficial PRUFOS database http://www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk/ and requested that any reports that came in, be directed to him as a civilian UFO researcher, and got a positive response. This action brought him into conflict with his own police force that informed him that this went against the aforementioned restrictions placed upon him [he was not to disclose that he was a serving officer with the BTP] and that his actions could bring his own force into disrepute. Gary disputed this as he acted as a civilian and not in an official police capacity. Gary was subject to disciplinary procedures because of his actions and believes that his own chief was ridiculed by one or more of the other chiefs that Gary had contacted and that this lead to his disciplinary hearing.

The hearing lasted about 12 months, after which Gary was found guilty of bringing the BTP force into disrepute. This was the main reason that Gary took early retirement.

Gary has been following the UFO subject since a childhood sighting aged 15. He has appeared many times as a guest of Richard D. Hall on his TV shows (please see: http://www.richplanet.co.uk) and I have compiled these notes from Richard's shows.

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