ghostly image of 'young child' captured on CCTV

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ghostly image of 'young child' captured on CCTV

Post by falkor » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:39 pm

a COUPLE have been left mystified after seeing a white ghost-like image float in front of their CCTV cameras in the early hours.
9 Aug 12, Nottingham Post
Lisa and Phil Rigley, of Clifton, were amazed when they replayed their CCTV camera later in the day to see a white blur the shape of a small person float over their car in the driveway

it disappeared off screen for about a minute or so before dashing across the road again in front of their house.

The couple, who live in Sturgeon Avenue, installed CCTV a while ago after damage was caused to their cars.

Last week, a neighbour asked them whether they had seen anything suspicious on their CCTV after finding something missing from the garden.

However, when they played it back in the morning they were shocked by what they saw.

Mrs Rigley, 44, said: "The image of a child jumped over my fence, landed over the roof of my car, flew down the street and flew back.

"I'm absolutely gobsmacked by this. I've got the footage here, it's the image of a young child about four or five."

The couple have four cameras but only the one black and white camera picked up the image.

"It's a ghost, it's got to be," said Mrs Rigley, who said their dog always woke up and barked if there were people around the house but did not disturb them that night.

"The dog hears everything," she said.

"It really was spooky. It was one of those weird feelings where you just think to yourself, 'what on earth is it?'"

She added: "It looks like Casper [the friendly ghost]".

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Re: ghostly image of 'young child' captured on CCTV

Post by rob42 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:08 pm

I know my eyes are not what they were, but they're not that bad! Where's this "young child" they're talking about? And where's the footage (I've had a quick look on YouTube, but can't find any sign of it there)?

All we get to see are 4 stills; come off it... :br:
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