harassed online for three years by mystery stalker

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harassed online for three years by mystery stalker

Post by falkor » Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:39 am

A university student who was harassed by an internet stalker for three years - which turned out to be her own boyfriend - says he has 'wrecked her life'.

Ruth Jeffery, who confided in Shane Webber during the horrific ordeal, contemplated suicide after being bombarded with sexually explicit photos and videos.

She also suffered the indignity of having naked images of herself posted on adult websites and distributed to family and friends, including her parents.

When police eventually uncovered the identity of her tormentor, 22-year-old Miss Jeffery was sickened to learn it was her own boyfriend.

School drop-out Webber launched his twisted campaign because he was jealous of Miss Jeffery’s life at Loughborough University.

He is now facing jail after a court heard how he also went online posing as Miss Jeffery.


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