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facial recognition cameras being rolled out

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facial recognition cameras being rolled out

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Jaya Narain 7th August 2010
NCP car parks will employ facial recognition technology
Cutting-edge cameras will scan drivers' faces and check them against a crime database as they enter car parks, it emerged last night.
NCP, which is trialling the system at 40 sites, hopes it will help identify potential car thieves.

But privacy campaigners reacted with fury, saying the technology could criminalise innocent people.

Britons are already the most watched people on the planet, with each of us caught on camera an average of 3,000 times a week.

That will increase if NCP rolls out its 'Big Brother' scheme.

The car park giant plans to check drivers' images against a database it will build up of car crime suspects.

It has yet to reveal details of how the database will be established or what information it will contain.

It says the pioneering system will improve security at car parks by providing a warning which will help staff to protect vehicles.
But privacy campaigners argue the technology - which will analyse the faces of thousands of car park users every day - is too invasive and not accurate enough.

David Page, of the No2ID group, said: 'If you are an innocent person who happens to look a bit like a criminal, I would be worried about what the response would be.

'What would happen if you were wrongly added to this database?'