$100bn in damages against BP would kill BP off

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$100bn in damages against BP would kill BP off

Post by falkor » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:24 am

Senior US politicians are pushing President Barack Obama to seek $100bn in damages against BP for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in an attempt to kill the company.
By Mark Leftly Sunday, 13 June 2010
If such an action were to be taken and won, the Ftse 100 flagbearer would almost certainly collapse into bankruptcy. Many prominent US figures would welcome this as suitable punishment for the environmental devastation off the Louisiana coast.

The news will heap further pressure on an embattled board, which meets tomorrow to decide whether to suspend dividend payments, vital to UK pension funds, as up to £1.8bn goes out to investors each quarter.

On Wednesday, BP bosses will meet with Mr Obama, who has called on BP to suspend dividend payments while it struggles to keep the oil spill under control. The clean-up costs are already approaching £1bn, less than two months after the explosion that killed 11 people. Most analysts have forecast that the disaster could cost BP around $20bn as a worst-case scenario, though Credit Suisse has suggested as much as $37bn.

It is understood that a group of senior congressmen from Mr Obama's Democratic Party are pushing the President to sue for up to $100bn. These would include punitive, as well as physical damages, effectively representing a punishment to the company and a broader industry deterrent to breaching safety regulations – even though it is not yet clear that BP failed to meet its responsibilities.
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The congressmen are understood to have taken their lead from a 1987 case involving Texaco, which was forced into bankruptcy after a $10.53bn damages claim was awarded against the company, even though that amount was later severely cut. Rival Pennzoil made the claim, believing it had a binding agreement to buy Getty Oil before discovering that Texaco had beaten the company to the prize.

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Re: $100bn in damages against BP would kill BP off

Post by mj12cz » Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:18 pm

What get me is it was not BP's rig, belonged to Transocean who is a swiss company who ran it for BP.

Remember Obama wanted the USA the world leader in Oil usage to be free from foreign oil, I suspect he had put BP and other companies under pressure to get the stuff out of the ground and now wants to blame everyone but them selves for the spillage.

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