Britain's creaking internet

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Britain's creaking internet

Post by falkor » Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:32 am

By Sophy Ridge, 29/11/2009

AN astonishing surge in smartphone users watching TV and YouTube on their mobiles is helping drive Britain's creaking internet to the brink of COLLAPSE.

The iPhone-led revolution has snarled up 3G broadband and crashed networks across the country, we can reveal.

Mobile provider O2 - which had exclusive rights to the iPhone until recently - has had to spend £½ BILLION to cope with web usage 18 TIMES higher than it was last year.

Vodaphone has suffered blackouts and other networks are also struggling to keep pace as users complain about snail-like download times.

O2 technology chief Derek McManus explained: "Watching a YouTube video on a smartphone can use the same capacity on the network as sending 500,000 text messages simultaneously.

"In the past 12 months the mobile industry has seen an unprecedented change in demand."

Streaming video downloads have also dramatically increased on home computers - and IT giant Cisco warns that by 2013, video will account for 90 PER CENT of all consumer web traffic.

Internet service providers believe by then that sites like the BBC's iPlayer will simply grind to a halt unless Britain's creaking broadband network is upgraded, with old copper wiring replaced by fibre optics.

Research shows Britain is not ready for tomorrow's technology. Cisco claims it is 31st out of 66 countries - including Taiwan and Latvia - when it comes to speed.

Charlie Ponsonby, chief of broadband comparison company, said: "There is a clear pattern emerging, with Scandinavia, eastern Europe and the Asian tiger economies having far better developed broadband infrastructures."

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