Bizarre mutilations of cattle lead to 'alien visitor' theory

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Bizarre mutilations of cattle lead to 'alien visitor' theory

Post by falkor » Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:19 pm

Nov 28, 2009 by ■ Stephanie Dearing

The police serving a small village in south central Colorado are scratching their heads over the mysterious deaths and mutilations of four calves reported by one rancher this month.

San Luis, Colorado - Colorado has been the source of stories of animal mutilations before, although most of the cases have been found to be the result of animal predation. Home to big skies and mountains, Colorado has been long favoured for cattle ranching, although with Colorado's tourism economy growing, there have been clashes.

Established in 1851 and nestled in the mountains, San Luis is a quaint and picturesque village that is home to 661 people.

The news of the calf mutilations on a pasture rented by Manual Sanchez has stirred up the village, where talk of alien visitors is growing. Sanchez had reported finding, over a three week period, four of his calves killed -- and strangely mutilated. The calves were found eviscerated and the skin was peeled back. One calf was also missing some of its tongue.

There were no footprints, no animal tracks, no traces of vehicles in the pasture, and the part that has puzzled police -- no blood. Sargent James Chavez, the Public Information Officer for the Costilla County Sheriff's Office, told The Pueblo Chieftain

"... a deputy and an undersheriff went to the pasture to investigate one of the killings. Chavez said the investigation revealed no indications of a predator attack and the lack of blood at the site made it highly unlikely that a person butchered it.

"I've butchered a cow before and I know what kind of a mess it leaves," he said."

The mutilations have drawn a noted UFO chaser, Chuck Zukowski, who investigated the bizarre killings. Zukowski has posted excellent, although disturbing photographs of the calf he investigated, along with detailed information. He said a horse found dead and mutilated in San Luis 40 years ago was linked to the mutliation of the calves. Zukowski also noted that there was no witness recollection of helicopters or airplanes in the area at the time of the mutilation, although a wolf was known to be around. Zukowski likened the San Luis case to one he had investigated earlier in 2009, the "Miller Cattle Mutilation case." Zukowski also noted that his entire investigation of Sanchez's dead calf had been witnessed by a news reporter.

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