ufovideocoordinator.com 4 years on

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ufovideocoordinator.com 4 years on

Post by falkor » Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:55 pm

Stewart, of Randolph, is a real believer.
"I have been a UFO activist most of my life," he said. "I don't know what possessed me to be interested in UFOs, but I believe we are not alone in this universe. It is arrogant to think we are alone."

While many of the alleged UFO sightings are hoaxes — Stewart was especially steamed at the pair who flew strings of red lights near Morristown Municipal Airport last year, creating a mild panic, because they damage the credibility of the true UFO researchers — he will point to incidents that cannot be explained, evidence for which there is no earthly answer, and eyewitness reports that defy the government's favorite McGuffin, weather balloons.

These tales of alien abductions, sightings, conjecture and suspicion of government cover-ups are faithfully recorded on video and reported on TV news broadcasts and cable specials, saved by amateur photographers and discussed in serious tones by researchers who can explain what the strange marks in the rocks or collections of lights in the sky actually mean.

Stewart compiles lists of this material on his Web site, ufovideocoordinator.com, which he has operated for the past four-plus years.

The site lists links to other Web sites, such as the Mutual UFO Network Organization (mUFOn.com), where one can report sightings.

The Web site also provides links to some of Stewart's favorite films on Amazon.com, including "Roswell: The UFO Uncoverup," the six-part "UFO Diaries," "The Secret KGB UFO Files," which alleges to expose the secret stuff the Soviets know about alien invasions, and "UFO: Top Secret," with the tag line "a proof video."

Stewart said the purpose of the Web site is "study and research." From time to time, he gets calls from television networks for footage of talking heads, he said, for which he might receive a credit.

The Web site is a hobby, Stewart said.

What helps maintain interest in UFOs, Stewart said, is the government's insistence, like a cop on a TV murder mystery, that there is nothing to see.

"When the Roswell story came out, they changed the story from a flying saucer to weather balloons," Stewart said. "But why would the Air Force conduct research on how to freeze a body, and what purpose did they have for seven coffins about the size of children?"

He said his own research into the most famous UFO incident showed that, at first, the government tried to confuse the public, using test dummies as the "bodies" found in the Nevada desert.

"You can't tell me you cannot tell the difference from aliens," Stewart said. "People were naive back then."

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Re: ufovideocoordinator.com 4 years on

Post by DarkKnight » Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:39 pm

He seems quite convinced !
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