abductions, have you been abducted? (new page)

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abductions, have you been abducted? (new page)

Post by falkor » Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:19 pm

http://ufoforums.co.uk/about18.html new page on the site concentrates on one serious TV programme that impartially seeks to unearth the truth behind so many people's claims that they have been abducted by aliens

have a look at the TV programme sliced into 10 minute sections on the new page

my favourite is part 3-4, on the new page where a woman abducted by aliens and medically experimented on on a UFO then gets fired from her job when she "goes public" with what happened to her, then her daughter gets married but disowns her as she claims her mother has embarrassed the whole family (through publicity of her "abduction") and refuses to have her at the wedding

why would anyone risk such public humiliation let alone the heartache caused from within her own family??

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