UFO Science and Consciousness conference NOVEMBER

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UFO Science and Consciousness conference NOVEMBER

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The UFO Science and Consciousness conference, (S AFRICA) organised by '80s musician and rapper Michael Tellinger, will include everyone from serious scientists to people whose views are based more on faith than fact.

"Of course, extraterrestrials exist - all ancient texts and even the Bible talk about them. People must remember that we are the descendant's of extraterrestrials," said Tellinger.

Experts on the panel include Claire Janisch, a chemical engineer focused on environmental technology and specialising in biomimicry.

US panellist Lloyd Pye is a researcher, author and lecturer known for his intervention theory. His breakthrough genetic research on the Star Child skull, a 900-year-old hominid skull that contains DNA unlike that of humans, has raised a global debate about the possibility of its cosmic origins.

On the other side of the spectrum, Laura Eisenhower, great granddaughter of former US president Dwight D Eisenhower, will speak about aliens and a treaty that she believes her great-grandfather signed with an extraterrestrial delegation.

"When Eisenhower was president he met an extra-terrestrial delegation; it was there where he signed a treaty. There was also an exchange of technology.

"Why do you think there was a drastic improvement in technology after Eisenhower was president?"

People will also be treated to a first-hand account on the inner workings of the Vatican. The keynote speaker will be Irish academic Miceal Ledwith, who spent 17 years as an adviser to the last two popes and 16 years as professor of systematic READ MORE
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Re: UFO Science and Consciousness conference NOVEMBER

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i thought the star child skull had been explained
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