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UFO Reboot...

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:05 pm
by hiflier
Hello All,

Anyone game for trying to ask ETs to show themselves to the world one more time? I'm thinking of shooting for 11/11/11. It's a Friday and the seasons are more conducive for the Global community of believers in both Hemispheres for milder weather. The clock on this site ... php?tz=gmt will be the only reference for the timing of the new event.

Since nothing occurred back on 7/20/2011 most fears of anything bad happening should be almost non-existent and perhaps more will wish to participate this time around. After 11/11/11 no more attempts will be made, at least by me. As in the last time, anyone wishing to join in will do so for their own reasons as, again, it will be conducted as a personal endeavor to overcome any fear issues regarding the subject.

If there were not so many wishing to come together in order to take UFO-community-oriented action I would not bother with this again. But at the end of the last project there was quite a bit of enthusiasm with many wanting to be involved should another program of presenting an invitation to ET to show themselves in a world-wide display be generated.

I am still not a believer but it did not interfere with the spirit of the previous project as I didn't have an Alien agenda of my own, and still do not. So, with no theories or hypotheses to push, the project remains pure and objective. Nothing to muddy things up on my end. If this is something anyone is interested in doing just say so and the project will begin. The first time around got off to a bit of as rough start because the idea was new to many and the concept of "Asking", although simple in principle, was nonetheless difficult for some to grasp.

The most important feature of this second invitation is, like the first attempt, that it will NOT A PREDICTION of a showing. It is not a demand or anything like that. It is only giving ET PERMISSION to show; it's simply saying that it's OK to do so because people want to know about their existence. This is a passive, harmless, approach using mental telepathy for about one minute as a collective body of believers, all holding the same thought at the same moment. After the one minute of asking the project ends and life goes on with or without a showing. Just like last time.

Unlike last time however the time leading up to this second Event will not be five months. It will be much shorter, more like three weeks or so. Anyone up for a second try at ET contact? It's free to do and could be a worthwhile endeavor. It completely circumvents the powers that be in all regards. Something just between you and ET with no middle-man; just you and ET- one on one. If ET exists and the reports of telepathic communication are true then this kind of project allows that to be performed on a large scale. It all comes down to what you believe and how much of that belief one is willing to accept without proof.

There is tons of evidence pointing to the existence of ET. The problem is that the evidence only POINTS to ET. It does not PROVE ET. A world-wide display would prove without any doubt that Aliens exist. Most will agree that proof is way overdue. This project, like the previous one, is an avenue in which one can take action with the purpose of getting an answer. There are no guarantees here, just a collective way that the community as a whole can do something with a determined goal in mind.

After this, after the second time of seeing that the UFO Community can get together and get involved in a single action as one entity, the next step should be a world collective to force the issue into the open. I see few (if any) options available for private citizens to secure answers to this 60+ year old enigma. This is again only a start, where things go from here is up to you as a community with a vested interest in your time spent so far trying to gain answers and access to information. Until that time this IS an action that one can be involved in.

I tried to make a difference for five months up until 7/20/2011 and I am not even a believer. Just someone who cares about folks getting strung along with what's been passing for facts and Truth. And I am STILL trying to make a difference. Are there those around who think the same way? I am only one person but, I don't care, I'm going to try ANYWAY! Any takers?

Regards, hiflier.

Re: UFO Reboot...

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:54 pm
by hiflier
Hello All,

In order for you to understand the scope of this project and to promote transparency here is a list of the Forums onto which this latest endeavor has been posted. More may be added:

Alien Casebook Forum
David Icke's official Forum
Book of Thoth Forum
Alien Existence Forum
Open Minds Forum
Paracast Forum
Ufo Evolution Forum
Planet Flipside Forum
Unexplained Mysteries Forum
Above Top Secret Forum
UFO Research Forum
The Black Vault Forum
Binnall of America Forum
Ufology Network Forum
Alien-UFOs Forum
UFO Casebook Forum
UFO Forums
UFO Magazine Forum

All of these fine Forums contain members that were actively involved in last summer's Event and many interated a desire at that time to be notified of any future endeavors. Quite a few mentioned how much they felt good and enjoyed taking an active roll in being part of the solution no matter how small and, most of all, appreciated the opportunity to be involved with so many others of like mind. I've always remembered that particular sentiment and do think the UFO community at large benefits from enlisting a larger world view and the comraderie of knowing that so many, who would not normally connect between members of other Forums, can enjoy as a World group equal footing in a common effort.

Regards, hiflier.

Re: UFO Reboot...

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:36 pm
by hiflier
Hello ALL,

After all the posts I issued on these many Forums over the five months leading up to the 7/20/2011 Event I'm taking a new and learned tack and it is this: if anyone wants to do this on 11/11/11 at 8:00pm GMT for one minute then do so. If not that's OK too. No comments or replies between now and then are required or necessary. The project is in place and that's all there really is to it. Do as you will either way. If I do not hear from anyone I won't know one way or another and I don't need to know. It's a personal choice at that time and on that date and those are only for a universal reference, for anyone wishing to, to know that others know the date and time as well and we can all leave it at that.

This will be posted on all the Forums after which point the threads may close.

Thanks and regards, hiflier.

Re: UFO Reboot...

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:52 pm
by hiflier
Hello All,

The Forums overall are very quiet on this topic so my inner sense says that it's time to leave the project in your hands. No one needs anyone at this point in order to follow through; just each other on the day of the Event. So once again:

This particular Event is set for 11/11/11 (only because it is easy to remember). The time is set for 8:00pm GMT utilizing this site: ... php?tz=gmt so that everyone has the same clock for referencing the time which puts an end to any confusion WRT time zones, seasonal time changes and other time-sensitive unknowns. The idea of "asking" ET to show themselves world-wide for a period of only one minute means that on 11/11/11 at 8:01pm the project ends.

And that's it. Good luck to all of you who participate and if anyone thinks a reminder is called for simply say so and I'll be happy to oblige you two days ahead of time.

Best to all, hiflier.

Re: UFO Reboot...

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:33 pm
by hiflier
Hello All,

I'm sending out this to Forums listed in this thread as some of you made it known that as 11/11/11 approached you wanted a reminder. So here it is:

At 8:00pm GMT utilizing this website's clock ... php?tz=gmt everyone is invited to spend one minute giving ET permission to display themselves and their crafts to the world. This exercise is performed by simply asking them to do so. Anyone who wishes to may participate and, in the process, join in with others in this second project. Refering to the wbbsite for timing the exercise will rule out any time zone/time change issues and keep all on track.

There will be no more project after this one unless someone wishes to take the ball and initiate one maybe even just within their own Forums. But to reach a broader audience being a member on all the Forums is probably best way. But in the meantime this project is active and at 8:01 GMT it will be over. Battling fear is the key here so Good Luck and Good Courage to all who make the endeavor and the effort- for one minute.

Re: UFO Reboot...

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 5:27 am
by hiflier
OK Folks,

That's it for me. I'm done. The first project, called "Say Hello to ET", was five months in the lead-up. It was designed to bypass all the known stumbling blocks of trying to get any official info on Aliens and UFOs. As nearly all of you know by now using mental telepathy in asking ET to show did not work for that project. I decided after the end of the exercise which finished back in July of 2011 to initiate this second attempt to try and accomplish the same goal. Again as you can see this projet also bore no fruit.

I think it safe to say that this kind of approach presents no dangers whatsoever. Believers who trust the reports of witnesses and those who say they were abducted must take into account the that ET communicates telepathically. If that is the case then why are these projects failing? Why is ET not taking advantage of these avenues of expression by showing themselves? I think, unless one has arrived at the conclusion that ET therefore must not exist, it is a good time to put all kidding and jokes aside and discuss in a serious way the no-show issue. A lot of people know a lot about this subject so there should be a fairly high level of dialogue concerning the outcome of this, as well as the last, project.

So with all gthat you know- not what you've heard, not what you assume, not what someone else has said- but with all you yourselves know about the subject by attending conferences, reading books, as well as your own research into the matter, can anyone on any Forum come up with a seriously concrete idea that folks can run with in order to dig deeper into the phenomenon. After all, there is perhaps enough to determine what ET is NOT to narrow the research down quite a bit if you're truly interested in doing so. One good concept is all that it would take so that everyone can provide some input in order to get a more cohesive approach and viewpoint to bring members of the many Forums closer together.

That's what it's going to take to get anywhere here (if one wishes to get anywhere with the subject at all!). The true irony of it is that deep down you already know this but have had no means to pull it together. I don't know, maybe that not what anyone wishes to do, or believes that a method such as what I'm proposing will work for getting to the bottom of the ET question but I will say this: Nothing to date has succeeded so alternative solutions perhaps should be looked for. If you REALLY WANT THE TRUTH that is. Going for a solid discussion as to why ET didn't show this second time around is important to you as a community and as individuals but as an individual little or nothing can be accomplished as the last 60+ years have already demonstrated. I don't know how to go about organizing ideas into a consensus that everyone can benefit from but maybe some of you do.

As for me? As I said in the beginning of the post: That's it for me. I'm done. Good luck with your investigation should you choose to have one, I'll be very interested to see what transpires and where things will go from here. Again, this has been on the Forums listed.

Regards to everyone as always, hiflier- over and out after this, the last project. Thank You All!