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in the middle of a genuine UFO landing: 2 hoaxers

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:56 am
by falkor
2 hoaxers have soured a sensational genuine UFO landing by staging the "finding of alien remains"

By Sarah Graham Last updated at 4:53 PM on 26th August 2011
Students Timur Hilall, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19, have admitted their 'find' of an alien in the Siberian woods was just a stunt

two students who claimed to have recovered the body from a UFO crash site admitted that the creature was in fact made out of BREAD.

Friends Timur Hilall, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19, shot the video that showed the alien's mangled remains frozen in snow in Irkutsk, Siberia.

The pair were questioned by police over their 'extraterrestrial discovery' but admitted to their stunt.

But not before their creation became an internet sensation, drawing almost 700,000 hits on YouTube.

Their find was deemed serious enough for the Kremlin to get involved and a spokesman from the Russian interior ministry confirmed the hoax.

'We found the alien in one of the student's homes,' he said.

'It was lying under his bed and an examination of it revealed it had been made of bread crumbs which were covered in chicken skin.'

Prosecutors are now considering whether or not the pair have committed any crimes.
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