universes, Us and aliens! re edited from life cycles..

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universes, Us and aliens! re edited from life cycles..

Post by wonder universe » Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:07 pm

Hi all I decided re edit from an earlier which was about life cycles post or topic, I re wrote a little I wanted to add at an earlier date, I hope you enjoy it!

When we think about the universe and what we know about it, what if all of the universe is just simply in a single cell or nucleus, of vast being within a vast being, within a vast being or universes, maybe that is the nature of infinity and everything that exists, it is truly a miracle that all came from nowhere or one big bang started it all life every single living thing, as a child fascinated by fact that everything is round atoms are orbits of planets, spinning galaxies, black holes, life cycles of stars human life cycle not a single human is infinate, but rest of the universe circles on forever it seems, also gone on for billions of billions of centuries, however it will come to an end eventally according to Professor Brain Cox, I find his ideas fresh and new, which I find good to study fairly new kids on the block so to speak. what fasinates me is what many have written, is extra solar planets if there are humanoid life forms on other world pretty much the same as ours, with amost the same eco systems vegitation balanced oxygen Nitrogen equal air pressures etc, then it would be very Gene Roddenberry idea, that planets in the right positions from their stars that may inhabit humanoid life, as he called them M Class planets that could inhabit such life, who knows? wonder universe..

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