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Re: Say Hello to ET (92 days and counting)

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:16 pm
by mj12cz
Ill be there doing it in my own way. I think this is a very private thing.

i like the idea.

Re: Say Hello to ET (92 days and counting)

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:52 pm
by hiflier
Hello mj12cz,

You are spot on. That is the spirit of the whole thing. It is indeed very much a personal choice. This confronts belief, fear, quest for knowing, and could signal the end of a long and arduous segment of time in one's life in the pursuit of this phenom.

The most important potential of this exercise I believe is that one can actually take control or acknowledge one's fear and still take action inspite of it. I have always, from the outset, thought this to be the most empowering side effect. For some it will be an extremely difficult decision. But if they work through it the principle will be a valuable lesson for all things fearful, not just a belief UFOs and/or Aliens

Re: Say Hello to ET (92 days and counting)

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:55 pm
by hiflier
Hello All,

Since this project is only 5 days out or so and there is so much mistrust of YouTube and other digital media has the thought of using film cameras or film video crossed anyone's mind? For myself unretouched film media seemed to be more conclusive in the older sightings.

Re: Say Hello to ET (92 days and counting)

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:02 am
by hiflier
Hello All,

This is it! A once-in-a-lifetime moment for a lot of folks including me.

In a very short time the Event designed to allow the UFO Community to join together Worldwide and, as one people- in the same instant- extend the invitation to ET to present themselves will be here.

If you have read the Notice at the beginning of this thread then you will understand that this is not a prediction by any definition. It is an "asking" based on the belief that, should ET exist, then (according to many reports) mental telepathy is the principal method ET uses when communicating with Humans.

The reference for 5:20am GMT on July 20th, 2011 is this: ... php?tz=gmt

Call up the above website to see how many hours are left until the start of the project according to Greenwich Mean Time. Transfer that amount to your own clock to see what time it will actually be in your Time Zone. Or just use the GMT website's clock instead then there will be no doubt in the timing for anyone who wishes to join in.

This will mark the end of a 5-month-long lead in to the effort to create a Global format which allows the believing public and others to collectively give ET permission to present themselves. Along the way there have been reminders issued and in many discussion threads everything from excitement to warnings have been voiced. There are many that think this would be providing an opportunity for ET to inflict World harm, even though history has shown that this appears to not be the case.

Nonetheless, there exists apprehension within the UFO community; and for some it is quite apparent, especially among those claiming abduction experiences. It is therefore one of the stronger reasons to raise public awareness and, if ET exists and shows up, may result in the fact that safety for anyone at risk in the future lies in World knowledge of any ET reality.

In fact, the very existence of ET at all is part (if not all) of the reason for this Effort. For those that say ET certainly DOES exist, the inevitability of Contact should be reason enough not to put off a meeting now that may happen sometime in our future anyway. So logically one could argue that delaying the inevitable makes little sense.

Depending on the outcome of 7/20 one of two avenues of discussion will remain: 1) If They show up then the "Why are they here" question can be asked. And 2) If they don't show up: then either they don't exist, OR, the question of why they didn't show can be asked. Of course that answer would still be in the area of speculation, but all dialogue will end up being refined toward a subsequently narrower road of thought- assuming that to be what everyone participating would like to achieve through this exercise. Either way it turns out one could view it as a success!

Once again, this exercise is voluntary and anyone may take part or not take part for one's own reasons. It is a very personal and private matter for each person involving an important decision in the quest for Truth. Much can be learned regarding the pursuit of an answer to the ET question. This may only be the start of gaining ground on the issue after so many years of mystery. At the individual level there is little else to do perhaps but to join the Community as a whole and give it a try.

I extend a sincere 'Thank You' to Forum members for their input and support, the Administrators for their patience, and all Moderators for their understanding and focus and for putting their members' concerns and interest foremost. Good Luck to ALL, especially those who have chosen to be active participants in this Endeavor!

Regards, onlychild,
and hiflier.

Re: Say Hello to ET (92 days and counting)

Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:53 am
by hiflier
Hello All,

ET did not show up. This was not a big surprise to most of us. Across the Forums, other than an occasional meteor and a couple of isolated unknowns, the skies were quiet and, other than celestial bodies, virtually empty. But this first step had an extremely important message attached which has been stated many times. That being the fact that a believer, any believer, will begin to realize many things personally, and collectively, as a result of this exercise.

I'm figuring first off that the "Why Are They Here?" question is out for the time being. So does this mean that ET's no-show means nonexistence?
That could be a close call for some believers IMHO. Why ET didn't show I feel should take center stage for the time being. There will be conjecture of course but the subject would be indicative of getting the dialogue pared down into a size that one can get their mind around.

Focusing on why Aliens did not display themselves as opposed to they don't exist should garner the best minds in the genre to dig deeper because of the new slant on this enigma. Different doors may open and there may even be room for science. The important thing is to keep going and not let up. Most of you know by now that gathering like minds together to take action is something that has already be done and is part of your UFO history now. It's something to build on not to rest on.

1) The invasion, enslavement, destruction, and many more of the concerns and fears of ET within the UFO community did NOT happen. And "Be careful what you wish for" no longer applies. It never did apply actually but did serve as a barometer in registering how high the level of fear was for some of the community. A phrase like that can also generate fear where there once was none.

2) Anyone who was fearful WRT ET before the Event can now rest in the fact that an unknown, while eliciting a natural apprehension, need not stall anyone's efforts in pursuing a goal. Projecting a future outcome without facts is normal but to have a "what if" rule one's life and decisions in making progress, based on imagination driven by fear, makes little sense and left unchecked can freeze an individual into doing nothing. The Forum memberships demonstrate this rather obviously.

It cannot be allowed to control a strive for Truth and the manipulation of that fear by others should never be tolerated and, in fact, such ancient and archaic practices should be rooted out and exposed in order that a community can free itself to get active in order to acquire good solid knowledge to use for future endeavors.

3) Taking action as an individual WORKS and don't ever allow anyone to tell you different! If someone shows up that has a sensible, and most importantly logical and harmless, approach in pursuit of a truth most are aligned with then at least hear the idea out before criticism. I hope my efforts have helped in this area.

4) Victory over fear to me would be the ultimate goal in this project and is a good healthy, basic reason to continue to in getting the real ET or no ET answer. It's OK to refuse to take "no" for an answer. From ANY SOURCE. Be persistent and have a good logical, down-to-Earth argument as to why someone should provide that answer.

To address whether or not 7/20 was a success? I say from the courage I noted across the Forums, and the last minute responses even from members I had never seen during the previous five months, as well as the many,many familiar ones, that this project, for what it was, was a tremendous sucess. No ET but a LOT of Humans joining and being interested and actually getting involved and actively participating at all hours of the day and night! How amazing is that? And from Forums no less- who knew? YOU do now and I will say what I've always thought from the beginning....The day was huge!

I cannot express in words what all of you have meant to this undertaking and to me. My tin hat is off to all of you and occasionally I will be stopping in with a post now and then. In the meantime you people have the ball and, from what I've truly seen, the will, and now the mechanism, to accomplish great things in arriving at the Truth of this strange and long-lasting mystery. I'll be around for the remainder of this week to take any medicine anyone wishes to dish out and then take a respite from a constant nearly half-year project that is now over.

I respectfully and sincerely give all of you the best in any future endeavors and may your answers come to you quickly and with undeniability!

Regards, hiflier.

Re: Say Hello to ET (92 days and counting)

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:05 am
by hiflier
Hello All,

I don't see any issues with the "Say Hello to ET" project. The subject ET has been reduced to two approaches:

1) ET does not exist. In which everyone can quit and go home! And

2) If ET does exist then WHY did they not show up?.

If one is a believer in ET then the only debate left is "WHY the no-show".

Onlychild's idea did exactly what it was supposed to do. And knowing this would be the outcome was why I, even as a non-believer, saw the logical benefit of the project to the ET-believing community. I mean, if ET exists and DID show then a whole separate dynamic and set of questions would come into play which are now useless. So if you believe in ET you now have one (and only one!) question left: Why the no-show?

If anyone has done any serious research into the subject of ET this will put a spin on your information that one did not have before. This is why I consider the project a success. The result is the simplification of the enigma. Non existence vs. a reason for not showing. All other subjects and discussions no longer apply. If anyone truly gives this some honest thought then this conclusion will be obvious and the value of "onlychild's" project will be realized.

Consider this to be my last and final contribution to the "Say Hello to ET" project.

Regards, hiflier. Over....and out.