NZ UFO sightings released

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NZ UFO sightings released

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One of the reported sightings happened in Kaikoura coast in 1978. The video shows a glowing orb in the sky with a dark spot at its centre. The cameraman who filmed the phenomena described the movements of the object he filmed in an interview in 1978.

"It sort of hovered along the tree-line then darted sharply up into the left," Lloyd McFadden said.

New Zealand authorities at that time concluded that it could be an unusual bright sighting of Venus or caused by the transmission of radio and light waves.

The UFO files were released under the Freedom of Information laws after material that could identify those involved were removed from the reports.

Suzanne Hansen, a UFO researcher who has been campaigning for the release of information on UFOs: "I have been lobbying for the last two years, I have been writing to the Chief of Defense directly over that time. There is something going on that the public needs to look into a bit more deeply and we need to try and understand."

The files cover reported sightings of flying saucers and other alleged alien encounters between 1954 to 2009.

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