Scarborough: two-day conference totally devoted to UFOs

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Scarborough: two-day conference totally devoted to UFOs

Post by falkor » Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:18 am

A SECOND two-day conference totally devoted to UFOs will be held in Filey from tomorrow.
Flying Saucers Have Landed was first held in Scarborough last October but Filey-based UFO investigator Russ Kellett said he moved it to its new location to coincide with the first weekend of the Filey Town Festival.
25 June 2010 ...
And the news follows two recent sightings of unexplained objects in the skies over the Scarborough area.

David Whitfield, 64, was with his 69-year-old wife Elizabeth when they spotted an object from Bell Close, Seamer, at about 11pm last Saturday.

He said: "It was red and yellow, about the size of a football, it was probably a quarter of a mile away. We were leaving the sports club and we both saw it."

Mr Whitfield added that the object rose steadily, stopped dead, and then headed left. He said: "It stopped in mid-air, took a left and went straight forward towards Fylingdales."

Mr Kellett said this coincided with a separate sighting in Bridlington earlier this week. He said: "It was at 10am and was something that looked like a ten-pin bowling pin. It dropped something down into a field."

He added that there had been some interest in the conference so far and thought people would just turn up on the day.

"It will be good because we've got two authors and the editor of a new magazine called UFO Matrix," he said.

The UFO conference will be held at the Evron Centre tomorrow, between 10.30am and 10pm, and Sunday, between 10.30am and 7pm.

There will be a range of guest speakers as well as video evidence. Mr Kellett, the vice-chairman of the British Flying Saucer Bureau, said: "We've got some of the best footage that myself and a couple of friends have shot."

Speakers who have been booked include author, UFO investigator and editor of the new magazine Philip Mantel who will talk tomorrow about 30 years of research into the subject.

Ann Andrews - the author of Abductions Investigator: The Story of Alien Abduction in the UK and Walking between Worlds Belonging to None - will speak on both days.

Harry Challenger, the editor of the Flying Saucer Review magazine, will speak on Sunday about the Silpho moor controversy.

Winston Keech will talk on both days and his subjects will include crop circles, video footage and Shadow Men.

Other speakers will include UFO investigator Mike Freebury, abduction investigator Hilary Porter and Mr Kellett, who will tell

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