Government files reveal new UFO sightings

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Government files reveal new UFO sightings

Post by mj12cz » Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:16 am ... a1618.html

Hundreds of bizarre reports detailing encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been released by the Government. Skip related content

More than 6,000 pages of material spanning from 1994 to 2000 holds hundreds of other-worldly experiences with UFOs and apparent aliens across Britain.

Aircraft of all shapes and sizes have been witnessed flying over a wide range of locations - including Chelsea Football Club and the former Home Secretary Michael Howard's home in Kent.

This fifth instalment released under a three-year project between the Ministry of Defence and The National Archives consists of 24 files of sightings, letters and Parliamentary Questions.

The records feature papers relating to the famous "Rendlesham Forest" sightings, often dubbed as "Britain's Roswell".

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Re: Government files reveal new UFO sightings

Post by falkor » Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:37 am

Newport driver 'fell ill' after Ebbw Vale UFO sighting
A driver became ill after encountering a light shaped like a "massive star", government UFO files released reveal.
BBC NEWS Thursday, 18 February 2010
In his account to police he described how a "tube of light" surrounded his car in Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, and later how he was sick.

The incident on 27 January, 1997 is detailed in Ministry of Defence papers.

Such an episode is classed by ufologists as a "close encounter of the second kind" - UFO sighting followed by an associated physical effect.

It was one of many reports alongside countless "light in the sky" sightings, episodes in which eyewitnesses claim some form of physical effect and even contact with an alien being, in the National Archive files made public for the first time.

The man in Ebbw Vale said he was driving on a clear and dry night around 2240 GMT when he encountered the UFO.

His identity has been withheld, but his report to police shows he was from Newport.

He claimed his car was surrounded for five minutes by a "tube of light" which swept towards him from the north east.

During this time both his radio and mobile phone stopped working.

The report said: "He felt and was indeed sick later on. He is still feeling ill today (28/1/97) and has developed a skin condition. Advised to see doctor."

The report goes on to describe the encounter: "First sighting seemed like a "massive star" moving towards the car.

"Having stopped the car and switched the lights off, the light encircled the car, remaining for perhaps five minutes.

"[The man] was able to walk through the light which was very bright. There was no sound, no aircraft or helicopter noise, and besides feeling ill was very frightened."

The report said the man's car was left covered in "dust and dirt".

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Re: Government files reveal new UFO sightings

Post by DarkKnight » Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:05 am

Strange one, I wonder how long he was ill for and what the Doctor's said.
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