Proof the Ancient Egyptians had Alien Connections.

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Proof the Ancient Egyptians had Alien Connections.

Post by AMYROSE » Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:51 pm

I first posted the following links in answer to Wonder Universes' topic in 'UFO sightings'. mj12cz's advice was to begin a new topic within Basement HQ and here it is folks. Hope you find of some interest.

Please, also keep in mind that regardless of various modern suggestions as to its' construction not one can explain how the pyramids were built. The Cheops pyramid, for example, it is still larger than any modern building - the Empire State Building is only 2/5's the volumne of the Cheops pyramid, which has been constructed with 2,300,000 blocks totalling more than 6,250,000 tons of stone. This amounts to more stone than has been used to build all the churches, cathedrals & chapels ever built in Britain. This pyramid is perfectly square to within 3/10,000 percent. And although it is constructed with so many blocks put together without any cement you still can't get the thinnest of knife blades between them.

Any how, I've gone off topic. This following links begin the story of the Dogon tribe, as explained by Roibert Temple on Coast to Coast, and their' mysterious connection to the Sirius stars and . . . well, watch them and find out what else they reveal and are connected too.


Pt 2

Interestingly, amen (Christian), amin (Islamic) and aum (often written om but aum is the correct anglofied version of this Sanskrit word as each letter regarded as a syllable represents the 3 qualities of the universe) could also be included in what is mentioned in this link.

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Re: Proof the Ancient Egyptians had Alien Connections.

Post by mj12cz » Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:09 pm

Great thread Amy, I believe 100% that the Egyptions were connected with aliens... I just do not see how they could have built the pyramids by them selves.

I watched a couple of films about the subject on the box and are now convinced they there was some sort of Alien connection.

I also thing the Myans and Aztecs has connections as well.

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