what is "Mutual UFO Network" (MUFON)?

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what is "Mutual UFO Network" (MUFON)?

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Marge Padgitt, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) state section director for Kansas City reports that June has been a popular month for UFO sightings. She is receiving at least one phone call or email daily from witnesses reporting UFOs in the greater Kansas City area.
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On June 11 and 12, two different local television news stations interviewed her about recent UFO sightings - coverage that may have sparked people to communicate directly with her, instead of reporting their sighting directly to MUFON. As always, witnesses are asked to file a report with MUFON as well so that the larger data may be studied.

On June 13 we reported here on the number of sightings in this area in, Multiple UFO Sightings in Northwest Missouri spark MUFON investigations.

On June 14, a woman called from North of Miami, Florida, to report multiple sightings over the past year. The same day a college student called to say that he has seen several UFOs over the UMKC campus at night - as Marge had mentioned in the television reports.

On June 16, she received the sphere UFO sighting that we believe may be the same object spotted by two different Texas witnesses and reported on in Sphere UFO reported by three witnesses in two states.

Then on June 20, Padgitt's MUFON and Missouri Investigators Skywatch group met at a remote farm East of Lee's Summit to look for UFOs. It was cloudy - and they saw nothing. Go figure.

But on June 23, a man reported five to six huge fireballs flying across the city in straight line formation. We covered this story in UFO Traffic Report: 400-foot-long object hovers over Wisconsin driveway (last story on page.)

On June 24, a woman called to report that she saw a disk-shaped UFO over her farm near Lone Jack, MO, just East of Kansas City.

On June 26, a woman who is a police dispatcher send Padgitt an e-mail about a silver UFO moving very slowly in broad daylight on June 25 over downtown Kansas City, and then it just vanished.

For more info: Visit the Missouri Mutual UFO Network - Kansas MUFON - the Mutual UFO Network headquarters web site - and InCahoots.TV.
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Re: what is "Mutual UFO Network" (MUFON)?

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There has been such a huge increase in sightings all over the world in the last year or so but its still seems quiet in the main media, you would think there is a media blackout so thank goodness for groups like MUFON.
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