Giant Triangular-Shaped Object Spotted Hovering over Germany

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Giant Triangular-Shaped Object Spotted Hovering over Germany

Post by falkor » Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:47 am

by Parismita Goswami July 30, 2014 18:14 IST
The triangle shaped giant object was spotted on 26 June 2014 over Kassel, a city in Germany. The object was captured in a 37 second video by a witness who was shooting a video of kids playing. It was later uploaded to the video sharing website, YouTube.

"This triangle UFO was seen recently and it closely resembles a TR3B. The fact that the person blurred out the face of the kid and didn't get the UFO in the dead center of the video is what causes me to believe this is real. Also the lighting and shading on the UFO matches that of the trees, and the bars of jungle gym." said Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily.

However, several YouTube users were suspicious about the authenticity of the video. While some believed it to be true, many considered it as fake.

Check out the video of the giant triangular object hovering over Germany, here.

Similar sightings happened in the past too. A rare sighting was captured in a five-second video in the morning of 25 May from the window of an airplane, flying over the skies of London. The video shows a huge dark-colored disc with lights on either side. It seemed that the unidentified object was hovering above the cloud lines.

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Re: Giant Triangular-Shaped Object Spotted Hovering over Ger

Post by mj12cz » Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:59 pm

Lol if that's real it's the TR3-B, probably on a test flight out of Groom.

If it legit, you can see the ring, the thrusters and the rear vents. I would love to think this is real but so many of these photos are fake. :br:

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