Cycles of all life and existence.

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Cycles of all life and existence.

Post by wonder universe » Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:37 pm

Hi all,

I was thinking on many occasions about the universe what we know about it, what if all in the universe is just simply all compact into a single cell or nucleus, of vast being within a vast being, within a vast being or universes within universes in tiniest fabric they made of too, maybe that is the nature of infinity and everything that exists, it is truly a miracle that all came from nowhere or one big bang started it all life every single living thing, as a child fascinated by fact that everything is round atoms are orbits of planets, spinning galaxies, black holes, life cycles of stars human life cycle etc! that circles on forever it seems, also gone on for billions of billions of centuries, I do believe that extraterrestrials have visited us in the past, also knowledge about alien craft or UFOs the reverse engineering of such craft, is pointing to a very convincing conclusion, if we will ever know the truth someday that is ! I very much doubt that or we would be dead if we did, like I say if we knew everything we would take is with us, life is truly amazing and what we search for all our lives, finding answers to our questions well getting close to them sure would be a wonder. Wonder Universe :)

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