Genuine info on aliens please!
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Hi everyone, i must confess to not being really in touch with some activities from the past, and i thank the administrator for shedding light on what was called the philadelphia Experiment,something which had escaped my knowledge, strange, as i was talking of such types of activity in my last post, atoms being in two places at once, beaming an object from one place to another, it appears this may have already been attempted, very interesting. Regards from Steve.
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Re: philadelphia

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hi Steve, that administrator was mj12cz I think

mj can you remind us what the Philadelphia experiment has to do with aliens? I forgot :D
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Re: philadelphia

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The philadelphia experiment or Rain bow project was an attempt to make an object invisible to radar by using energy fields.

The legend is not only did they do radar invisibility but got optical invisibility as well. the project apparently continues today.

Perhaps its does.

However the story is that opened a worm hole in space and time and not only did it go invisible but they teleported it to Norfolk dockyards and back, also messed with time travel and to top it off made contact with some Aliens from another dimension.

It apparently happened in 1943 and was our first contact with aliens etc…
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