Aliens by Telepathy

Genuine info on aliens please!
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Aliens by Telepathy

Post by Daniel111 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:26 pm


As a first, sorry for my non-english „English" and...
Most modern investigations of extraterrestrial beings is based on the symbio
telepathy's methods.
Their principle is based on the observation that beings with identical sequence
of micro-vibration can imidetly interact each other, using the sub-space (twin
phenomenon,mass panic cases, growl phenomenon).
This method can demonstrate any human being with a partner.
This requires a two audio headset. They are connected to one music center. In
this way, individuals receives only them unique additional vibration sequence.
Those two are seated in different rooms.
One doing bright touch (uses cooled instruments) on his skin.
The next person speculated events on his skin.
The effectiveness of can increase the "symbio conveyance" (where the third
"observer" by sight "attributes" the first person the next ... with imagination
that in his place is a next person who speculated of the touch).

Still possible use two mobile phones, which include a call-up (but better - the
audio headset).

According to the contrast can be identify and the characteristics of
extraterrestrials. By symbio telepathy is using an additional hardware. Its
operating principles (eg. in Japan) have established, when in the environment of
telepats (within dialog) was in using a wide range of household equipment (eg.
the old model of TV), and then was studying the noises.

Extraterestials use the simmilar methods of temporare humans researching.
"Raelian aliens" for "long - term" researching uses "Cyber Clones" - parallel
simulator - collectors of people microvibrations (when they does the attempts to
their direction).

Little more about symbio-telepathy‘s method - in Yahoogroup "Atelepathy".

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Re: Aliens by Telepathy

Post by Daniel111 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:28 pm

Sorry again as for my English, but in any way - additional info.
Telepathy. The logic.
Telepathy's the effect is valid by psychological effect of human's demand.
Person have wish to replace himself as "the reason" for to another person or animal. This is way, when works the collective human unconscious.
In stay of euphoria, a strong concern about the case he wants to influence not to "the air" (it would be crazy person), but "change the other person" - wants to be partly incorporated like part of dynamism. The distances (belonging as for decision) here do not have a significant impact.
Trained symbio telepat can to identify even very difficult expressions of someone who wants to make an influence.
But first of all - he must have a thorough determine man himself.
The human tries very intensively to "change the position in the space" in masturbation case.
As a result, earlier Raeliain Movement promoted masturbation as for aliens correct behavior.
The reason in the fact that, when human itself push to the alien space, a man who masturbate (It's generally an increasing the intensity of the vibrations level till oblivion), he may fairly strongly charge "cyber clone" and become sufficiently understandable, as the "kinetic energy (micro-shifts) complex".
Unfortunately, the effectiveness of masturbation Raelian Movement has not created.
Because first of all, human must to imagine accurately space, where trying to transfer yourself.
Should precisely imagine that there is an environment managed by a specific being.

Raelian Aliens. Why are they like that? (their appr. apperience - in Yahoogroup "Atelepathy").
Little about them.
High - appr. 1 meter 40.
No binocular eyes. Their principle is a set of "optical capillaries" net. The eyes therefore large, that they could to absorb light from broad optimally selected location of space.
But anyway, the dynamic catch efforts of visual object in raelian alien is practically not different as humans efforts in the same.
Do not moving the lower jaw. Accustomed to absorb food by suction.
Heart - the middle of the abdomen. Genital organs - some absorbing plates at the bottom of the abdomen (male).

In attached image – CIA‘s telepats team. Unfortunately, CIA have symbio atackers team too. For making troubles to „free symbio telepats“ (enough "porno touching" way with help of hard bright conveyance of genitals).
Concept of Rosa T. as a way to eliminate those people, who can be competetive to CIA as owner of more serious impressions.
Cia. Best in telepathy2.JPG
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Re: Aliens by Telepathy

Post by mj12cz » Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:11 pm

Hi Daniel.

Dont worry about the english.... very interesting post. Ill have a better read once I have had less Czech beer!

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Re: Aliens by Telepathy

Post by falkor » Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:28 pm

hey this guy used the ATTACHMENTS system of this site

Pat, did you notice that :tooT: yikes, hey - who else can do it? :lol:

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