Terrifying Swedish sighting!

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Terrifying Swedish sighting!

Post by Bjorn » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:52 pm


My name is Björn Stälteskog. Or Bog, for short. I recently saw an unexplainable object that I can’t explain, and wondered if you could hjälp me. It was early in the morning, no later than 2 o’clock a.m., and I was just leaving the Fyllon. Then I heard this funny noise. It sounded like metal scraping lightly against metal. Over the road I then saw a strange object which looked a bit like a bus with no wheels, and it was on bricks. It had markings on it but I didn’t recognise the language. Then the markings started glowing, brighter then dimmer, then brighter again over and over. And then it left the ground. My first thought was it was a bus, damaged in some way and was being lifted by a crane. But the bricks stayed attached! And there wasn’t a crane nearby. I then realised there was no way this was a bus. This was a UFO! A few seconds later I saw a man, or what looked like it might have been a man but not a Human man. It came to the window of this object, stuck a finger up at me, then the whole lot just faded away into nothing. All it left behind, somehow, was a shadow (which a drunk leaving the Fyllon managed to trip over). I did at first think it had all been a sinnesvilla. A hallucination. But I went back into the Fyllon and asked to see the CCTV, and everything I just described was on the video! I stayed in the Fyllon with a few other people who had just witnessed this, talking about it, when about 20 minutes later 2 men in dark suits along with 4 Soldiers came into the Fyllon, took the CCTV video, and left again without saying a word. We saw them going into every building on the street doing the same. This leads me to suspect that what I saw was real, and is known about in the higher echelons of Government but they deny whatever we ask. I would say highly classified military, but the ‘man’ I saw inside definitely wasn’t an Earthling. I think this object came from another planet, or another dimension.
Has anybody else ever seen anything like this or know what it could have been?

Björn (Bog)

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Re: Terrifying Swedish sighting!

Post by mj12cz » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:38 am

Its an interesting sighting, more so they have it on CCTV, shame they did not make a copy of the CCTV first.

Had a simular sighting 20 odd years ago where I saw a landed craft in a field.

Thanks for logging the sighting here.

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Re: Terrifying Swedish sighting!

Post by falkor » Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:58 pm

Bog welcome to the site
It was early in the morning, no later than 2 o’clock a.m
please state the date, the day and the location?
It was early in the morning, no later than 2 o’clock a.m., and I was just leaving the Fyllon.
what is "The Fyllon" ?

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Re: Terrifying Swedish sighting!

Post by 1963 » Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:26 pm

Hi Bog!

Sounds like a very peculiar sighting! ...This is the first one that i've heard about when the UFO had been tyre-jacked. ?.. ...and ET rodding the witness...? :vwide:
I also like the drunk tripping over a shadow ! lol.
But as Falkor said, ..dates, times, location and maybe even a little post event conversation between the relevant witnesses are needed to turn this yarn into a serious report.
eg..When reading your story the first thing that comes to mind was did anyone ..(ie the landlord of the fyllon) disclose the reason that the 'MIB and Soldiers' gave him/her as to why he must surrender the cctv tape?....And did you or any of the other witnesses report this strange event to any official body..UFO-Sverige perhaps?

Sorry if i'm coming across as 'a little pedantic', but I have to say that this story has the potential to be the kind of 'unusual-classic' that I so enjoy.But without further information and some kind of corroboration from other parties...sadly , for me anyway...your story will always remain, just a story.

Cheers buddy.

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