OZ: Novotel Twin Waters Resort conference this weekend

Is it an annual conference? or a one off? is it just totally UFOs or does it encompass other stuff too? is it a review of a Conference that's already happened or a NOTICE telling us that a conference is about to occur?
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OZ: Novotel Twin Waters Resort conference this weekend

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by Matt Eaton on 2AUG2014
Conference convenor Duncan Roads will host discussions, introduce the speakers and explain back stories to an eager audience of about 500 people.

He could be described as someone living and working way outside the dominant paradigm.

The annual pilgrimage to the Nexus conference would indicate he is not alone.

The magazine itself is proof of the ongoing appetite for stories on everything from alien species who regularly visit earth to alternative health and theories on what happened to MH370.

While not a high-profile publication, Nexus magazine has been in print since 1986.

Mr Roads took over as owner and editor in 1990, basing his operations in the Sunshine Coast town of Maleny with a staff of between six and eight people.

"I changed the content of Nexus by dropping women's issues, new age stuff and human rights because at the time there were more than enough other mags focussing on these areas, and added in what I liked - conspiracies, the unexplained, I kept alternative health and I beefed up what I call mad science," he said.
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