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Stargate Universe - Final Season

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Stargate Universe - Final Season

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B003OBZ5QQ just bought this

Stargate Universe may have connections or associations with other "Stargate" series out there, but knowledge of these, or even liking of these, is certainly not necessary to enjoy Stargate Universe.

I should know.

I have absolutely no knowledge or liking for the other Stargate series out there.

But for me, Stargate Universe is awesome. It is high quality science fiction and I mean high quality. The writers of this series should be proud. They really should.

And I am sure that the highly talented actors putting that writing into action, are well proud to see Stargate Universe such a success.

Yes a great success. But not - apparently - successful enough, to make a third series.

The second series of Stargate Universe is the FINAL SERIES.

Shame. Because the storyline was not exhausted. The plot was still there to develop. So why did it end? I have no idea and I am sure the actors would have been "up for" a third series too.

Moving to the DVD set itself, it is packed with EXTRAS as well as the episodes themselves of course. The usual COMMENTARIES are there too and I am so impressed with the product.

I also bought the previous DVD set SEASON 1 and that was just as good - superb Science Fiction, drama, background, commentaries, fabulous sets.

I am just so disappointed that that is the lot! Best SCI FI for a very long time, take it from me!