uploading avatar to your profile

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uploading avatar to your profile

Post by falkor » Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:28 pm

To obtain an avatar follow this easy 5 minutes process

1. Click on "User Control Panel" (your name top right of the page)

2. next click on the "profile" tab

3. Look for the "Edit avatar" option and select it

4. next look for the "Display Gallery" option and select it

5. choose your avatar from the page then zip to the bottom and click submit

6. You will see a message "Your Profile has been updated"

7. You will be returned to the "Edit Avatar" screen

8. You will see the avatar you chose displayed for you

9. Confirm that this is the one you want by pressing SUBMIT a little further down the page

10. Process complete

Obtaining an avatar is a community spirited action in forum terms, others enjoy seeing which avatar you have chosen and it adds to your "identity" on the site. Although some members do participate without an avatar you are recommended to select one to enhance your involvement in the forums and to put a smile on other members when they see it :-)

Please take the time to zip through this process, five minutes is all it takes

top regards

falkor :mrgreen:

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