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atom feeds/ RSS feeds

Post by falkor » Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:28 am

The standard phpBB 3.0.7 feed is ATOM format, NOT RSS, some feed readers may not be able to properly read the ATOM format. Although valid ATOM, it is quite unusually structured. There are no plans to add RSS format support with phpBB 3.x.

The feed will show forums according to the user credentials, if you have not logged in to the board, the feed will use Guests rights. Once you have logged in, your browser will keep the credentials wich may be passed to the feed and show forums accordingly.

If you use a style other than the default ProSilver or SubSilver2, the feed pages may not be available at all BUT TRY IT if that is your want!!

If you are very interested in ATOM feeds then click here for more