Operation Rescue

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Re: Operation Rescue

by hiflier » Mon May 07, 2012 2:26 am

Hello falkor,

Hope this post finds you well. I looked through the posts of the last few months and see that not much has changed. But that's perfectly ok as it it the nature of the beast. For myself? I was researching everything I could get my hands on to try and determine if there were any catastrophic events in Earth's history that could warrant any ET intervention. I was going on the premise a poster on another Forum was presenting WRT Human leaps in logic and knowledge being the result of an earlier contact with an alien race.

Being much closer to the science of things I went at it from angle of objectivity in my research. I found plenty of evidence of catastrophic occurances but nothing that would be so significant as to be the elimination of our race. Volcanic activity, ice maximums, impacts, global warming, tsunamis, dead oceans, fire storms, methane releases, cosmic bombardment.... you name it. I looked back from when only bacteria inhabited this planet during the first 2 billion years or so all the way to the present. Studied ice cores, ocean sediment cores, and terrestrial borings.

Nothing. Followed Human evolutionary branches, migrations, tool, agricultural, and architectural advances and saw nothing to indicate an ET influence. The religions were another story and many folks have been down that road to no avail so My research only touched on the subject enough to determine that there was no smoking gun there either.

Where am I going with this? There is certainly enough there to cause a person who wants ET to exist to satisfy that desire. There is also certainly NOT enough to satisfy a person who wants or insists on solid proof. For me it matters not either way. I still say that a small amount of flying objects go unexplained. I still sat that the big Black Triangles are a man-made device as are other "UFO" type craft. And I still see no evidence for a presence that is Alien.

So, for the believer, I will put forth one more idea for why an ET would be here. I say this because a year and a half of UFO Forum discussion and YouTube videos just isn't enough for me even though apparently it is for many others. The Truth simply is not, and will not, be found in either realm- Forum or video. Along with the research into Earth's history one has to eventually encounter what happens outside Earth that accounts for the climate cycles and periods of mass extinctions. There are cycles that are well known by now but I will admit that the discovery of the Fermi Gamma Ray Bubbles eminating from our own galactic center were a real surprise.

It was the existence of those objects that got me to the hypothesis that IF ET is here it could be that they have been migrating outward from the inner reaches of the Milky Way to get further distant from the FGRBs which are devastating to all life. There are claims that there are different Alien races so not just one kind are migrating and so the UFO enigma possesses crafts of different sizes and designs. I can't take this any further than it being only an idea but for a believer it may answer a lot of open questions. Abductee experiences vary from not too bad to very bad. This idea could also account for the various levels of how abductees are treated as well depending on who they are abducted by.

Do I believe any of this? There's not enough science to prove any of it for my taste but try and remember it's just me. It has nothing to do with anyone else either as I am not a debunker and never will be. It's not at all scientific to be that closed minded IMHO so it would be a grave injustice. No, true my goal is, and always has been, to find a way to unite the UFO community into one singular focus simply for the power it could generate to force an answer out into the open. In my mind as a logical person it is the ONLY way to resolve this issue. And, truth be known, it should happen soon before overall control of population opinion, and the ability to change ANYTHING disappears completely.

Re: Operation Rescue

by falkor » Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:22 am

your points 1 - 4 are a big contradiction for me

they all say to me one final conclusion THEY ARE NOT HERE

and yet we have eye witness testimony (on this site alone!) that THEY ARE

some of the UFO vidoes on YOU TUBE are truly amazing e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lYceks3pH4 (Kremlin) (that is one big black triangle!) and take some accounting for

Operation Rescue

by hiflier » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:24 am

Hello All,

I have decided to suspend for now my focus on the Black Triangles. It's been a year or so since I first heard of them and since then I've learned much, not only about BBTs but about the UFO scene in general, mostly as a result of managing the "Say Hello to ET" project from Feb. 20, 2011 until July 20, 2011. Then, as most of you know, after that there was the relatively quick follow-up with the "UFO Reboot" project which ran for three weeks endind on 11/11/11. These exercises opened up the world of UFOs, and the folks that believe in them, in a way that, in retrospect, would have otherwise taken years to understand.

Though I am not a believer myself, even after this past year and it's events, What I have learned from the many Forums and their members is that there is a plateau that has been reached, which was actually reached decades ago, in which no one has really progressed beyond.This is not to say that more of everything UFO has not been the case for indeed there IS more of everything WRT UFOs. But If I was to give an overview, standing back and looking at the whole picture of the last 50 years or so, I just don't see much in the way of any new revealations.

One of the most prominent aspects of the current picture that appears most disturbing, albeit only to myself and a few others, is that the focus of the subject still remains at the level of the UFO itself. It seems as if everything is frozen on that particular aspect and subject cannot free itself to move beyond that point. It is my opinion that achieving the next level of thought would be a necessary step one might take in the evolutionary sense of understanding the UFO enigma.What might that next level of thinking entail? Well for one, a believer will still likely believe in the existence of ET in spite of the two previously-mentioned project which resulted in two no-shows. I have nonetheless not seen discussion threads anywhere that have seriously address that particular outcome.

It comes to mind that believers do not need proof of Alien exist because they already know existence to be a fact. It's not fact and we have all heard both sides of that issue many times. It's another one of those circular discussions that is and will be difficult if not impossible to resolve to everyone's satifaction. So, where does this leave the dialogue in the Forums? It simply comes right back to the UFO again. The sightings on MUFON, NUFORC, YouTube, etc and the focus once again remains there with no data to stimulate anything that would launch the phenomenon to the next tier of investigation. The UFO industry is completely satified with this situation as most of you are well aware and it has no desire to break out of something that is comfortable and has been almost like a tradition for over 40 years. But it's just not working in the intelligent believer of today who's exposed to so much information.

At this point I would an present an idea for your consideration as believers:

1) If ETs exist, as believers say that they do, then it is apparent by now after 60+ years that they are NOT here to invade us.

2) If ETs exist, as believers say that they do, then it is apparent by now after 60+ years that they are not here for our resources as the universe has everything we have- and in great abundance.

3) Then they are here for a reason no one has thought of yet but whatever it is, it is NOT to harm us.

4) That being said, if I was a believer, it would be apparent to me then, that they are here for a NECESSARY reason.

I think this is a good place to pause and to leave that last thought with all of you for a while. Believe me, there is much more to this picture as you will see but absorbing the idea for now of ET being here out of necessity is more important.