the most monumental cover-up in space history

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Re: the most monumental cover-up in space history

by Giuliana » Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:01 pm

Absolutely! Very interesting post... :)

Re: the most monumental cover-up in space history

by bobc896 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:55 pm

The UFO question?

Well people you can all relax now, the governments of the world really have been telling us the truth about UFO’s. There really is no such thing.
Not because alien space craft do not exist, but because no “Unidentified” flying objects exist. The truth in a lie of omission. Something much easier to do with a straight face. They have known for many years that alien’s and their crafts exist, so the statement that no UFO’s exist is true. They figure if they can keep us asking the wrong questions they won’t have to answer the questions that are truly pertinent. We need to get off the “Do they exist” question and on to the questions they really don’t want to answer

The questions we should be asking are: Who are they? Where are they from? And What is their purpose in being here?

Does any one else think it odd that there are so many reported UFO crashes? One would think that civilizations capable of interstellar or inter-dimensional travel would also be able to minimize or eliminate “crashes”. Are these crashes mistakes? (I think not) Or are they the result of craft being damaged by warfare?

The ancient texts from India & elsewhere depict a war between “The God's” and describes in detail their use of highly advanced craft & weapons. The texts also describe multiple factions of “God’s” who evidently disagree on the treatment of Earth, it’s resources & inhabitants.

What I suspect is that there is an ongoing conflict, as depicted in the ancient texts, between multiple alien culture,s over the Earth.

And due to our technological infancy, compared to them. We are in no position to actually do anything about the situation. The governments of Earth know we are helpless in the face of the alien’s technology, and do not want us to freak out over their powerlessness. Thus the “Keep the facts secret” position.

Whether or not aliens exist is not a relevant question, just from the numbers stand point alone. Which most scientists will readily agree, is highly probable. The more appropriate questions are, how many exist? And what are their agendas?

If in fact there is a war going on over the Earth, it’s resources and inhabitants, the outcome over which we have little or no input or control, ignorance could truly be bliss.

Robert M. Coe

Re: the most monumental cover-up in space history

by Giuliana » Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:19 pm

There are myriad reasons for why it would be covered up. One might ask why a weather balloon was classified for over 7 decades? But it was, and still is. Most people don't even know, today, that there were two alleged and unidentified objects that crashed at Roswell, a mile apart; nor why the RAAF public information officer Walter Haut issued a press release stating that a disc shaped craft had crashed there...

Who knows why governments and the powers that be lie to us, but they do, consistently, and have done so since the dawn of time, throughout history.

The problem for western governments today, is that the lie is coming unglued. Hundreds, thousands of sightings have been reported in just the last five decades (from both military personnel and pilots, and commercial pilots, and other professionals also, not to mention evidence that administrative cover ups and corruption are all too frequent. In fact, in my humble opinion, their lies and cover ups today, considering what even Joe and Jane Public know about and are aware of, never mind the experts, is an exercise in futility.

So many military whistle-blowers today are coming out of the woodwork, in droves... Ex defense minister Paul Hellyer among them; are they all lying? Of course not; why would they?

I don't know if 'Jackie's' story is true or not, but does it matter? There are so many that are willing to stand up and be counted, to give their names, their status, and to put their credibility and reputations on the line for the truth, that those whom are afraid to come out from the darkness (and goodness knows, from past history and inexplicable deaths among these brave souls, who can blame them), can rest easy. ;)

Just my two cents on it, for what it's worth...

Re: the most monumental cover-up in space history

by falkor » Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:14 pm

there's 3 scenarios here that occur to me

1. Jackie IS a former NASA employee and did see two human figures in space suits walk calmly towards the Viking lander on Mars back in 1979

2. Jackie IS a former NASA employee and did see two human figures in space suits walk calmly towards what she thought was the Viking lander on Mars but in fact it was a mock up filmed from somewhere on Earth

or finally 3. Jackie is just some publicity seeking time waster who is getting her thrills from having us all on

which of these 3 it is - I guess we'll never know for sure Dave - intriguing article though :gog:

Re: the most monumental cover-up in space history

by dave3974 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:47 pm

but as ever what is the motive for a cover up ??

the most monumental cover-up in space history

by falkor » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:16 pm

NASA worker claims to have seen humans walking on Mars in 1979
Rob Waugh 25 Nov 2014
A woman who claims to be a former NASA employee claims to have seen evidence of the most monumental cover-up in space history in 1979 – as she saw two human figures in space suits walk calmly towards the Viking lander (the grandfather of today’s Mars Curiosity Rover) across the Martian surface.

‘Jackie’ called in to Coast to Coast AM in America this year, and asked the presenter to ‘solve a 27-year-old mystery for me.’

She claimed to have been working for NASA, handling downlink telemetry from the lander – the first vehicle to send back images of Mars’s surface – when she saw two people walking on the surface.

‘That old Viking rover was running around,’ she said, saying that she and six colleagues were watching on multiple screens. ‘Then I saw two men in space suits – not the bulky suits we normally used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer.’

Naturally, UFO and conspiracy websites have lapped this up – with some claiming that the humans may have been there to polish the lander’s solar panels.

This seems a little odd, considering that if there were