cross shaped ufo

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Re: cross shaped ufo

by pedro » Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:16 pm

mj12cz wrote:Great links Pedro, very interesting indeed, I like the Police sightings, they are close to home for me. :ugeek:
cheers mj, the police risked quite a bit in reporting strange events and it didn't do their careers any good, another good police sighting is the Todmorden case where a copper was supposedly abducted into an ufo, I have that case in my archives also.

Re: cross shaped ufo

by mj12cz » Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:14 pm

Great links Pedro, very interesting indeed, I like the Police sightings, they are close to home for me. :ugeek:

cross shaped ufo

by pedro » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:35 pm

I saw this today and it reminded me of an old case from devon, I checked the search function and nothing showed so I thought I would make this my first post, being as its Easter. ... 1303601381

My son and I were headed south on hwy. 19, entering the city limits of a small town called Slaughter,La., when I noticed through my wind sheild a smoky gray hollowed outline of a cross. It was huge. I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked my son "do you see that" he replied, "yes ma'am",then about the time he answered,I noticed a large orange cross just to the left(East)of the smoky outline, it was even bigger than the outline, the size of the moon. It glowed like the sun when it sets. It was scary yet amazing. I didn't know what ot make of it, I was dumbfounded,neither one of us thought to use our cell phone cameras. I said what is that? My son replied, "The mother ship." It moved slowly at first. Then it began to pick up speed. It never lost it's shape it just floated.I tried to keep up with it but due to law enforcement of speed limit in town I could only observe it at 45 mi. speed limit. We watched it as it went over some tree tops still headed east,the smoky outline disappeared. There were no sounds.

The event occurred on April 9, 2011. Slaughter is a town in East Feliciana Parish, LA, population 1,011. No images or videos were included with the MUFON report

the Devon cross report is from my archive.

They always say that UFOs, just like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, the most common UFO shapes are the disc, or flying saucer shape, the round orbs, and the flying triangles. However, on rare occasion, an unusually shaped object is seen and documented. One of the most compelling cases of an odd-shaped UFO occurred in 1967 between the cities of Okehampton and Holsworthy, in Devon, U.K. The case is known as the "Flying Cross" incident.
The cross itself is often related to the Christian symbol of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, but the Devon case had no religious overtones. The case receives a high degree of credibility because it was witnessed first hand by two policemen, PC Clifford Waycott, and PC Roger Willey. The two officers first spotted the cross-shaped UFO flying just over the treetops between the two aforementioned cities on October 24, 1967.

The two officers began a hot pursuit of the object, but could never gain ground on it, as it moved across the countryside. The UFO would slow to about 50 miles per hour, and even stop in midair, but as they approached it, the UFO would fly away from them, at times gaining speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. The entire chase covered 14 miles.

Though each policeman had the other to corroborate his own reality, they both decided to stop at a farm house to get a third person to tell them they were not hallucinating. They broke off their chase of the object because of the high speeds they were traveling-afraid they would cause an accident, and injure or kill an innocent pedestrian.

The flying cross would eventually disappear from their view, but before it did, a second one appeared. It was also very bright, yet made no sound that the two officers could hear. They were both amazed at how quickly the objects could accelerate from a hovering position. This fact alone was enough to convince the two policeman that what they were seeing were not conventional airplanes.

Later at a press conference, Waycott would remark: "The light wasn't piercing, but it was very bright. It was star-spangled-just like looking through wet glass and although we reached 90 MPH it accelerated away from us."

In the next couple of days, there would be numerous other sightings of the flying cross UFOs, and remarkably, six police officers in Glossop, Derbyshire reported the sighting of a "fiery" cross. In the ensuing investigation, the closest air base to the incident, RAF Chivenor was queried, but denied having radar confirmation of any "unknown" objects. The flying crosses seemed to make themselves known for a brief period of time, and then disappear quietly into the annals of Ufology.


British UFOlogists still recall the famous Devon ‘flying cross’ case of 1967 October 24 in which two police constables, Roger Willey and Clifford Waycott, chased an apparent UFO in their police car along country lanes at up to 90 mile/h in the early hours of the morning. “It looked like a star-spangled cross radiating points of light from all angles,” Constable Willey told the press. “It was travelling about tree-top height over wooded countryside near Holsworthy, Devon. We drove towards it and it moved away. It then led us on a chase as if it was playing a game with us.”

Howard Miles of the British Astronomical Association (BAA) looked into this case but never published any results, so I have sought his recollections to put on the record. He is currently retired and living in Cornwall, but at the time he taught at a technical college in Coventry. He ran the BAA’s artificial satellite section and UFO cases sometimes came his way. In this case it wasn’t difficult for him (and others, including the science correspondent of the Daily Mirror, Arthur Smith – see cutting above right) to recognize that the ‘flying cross’ was a classic sighting of Venus, which was particularly bright in the dawn sky at the time. In response to my request, in 2000 August Howard emailed me with the following information on his involvement with the case (apologies to those UFO believers whom it may offend):

“I did not carry out any astronomical observations on this event as it was purely in [the] field of the nutters. I became involved because the TV station at Plymouth phoned me up when I was living in Coventry and asked me to appear on a programme that particular evening. I was late in arriving at Plymouth and the producer met me at the Station. On the way to the studio he outlined what was involved and said that I would interview a UFO supporter who was described as a bit weird and then two policemen who had witnessed the event from their patrol car.

“The UFO chap was a prize nutter and knew no astronomy. He was completely confused about the positions of the planets and I came out with a sentence which is frequently quoted to me “For God’s sake talk a bit of ruddy sense.” The camera crew roared their heads off and after the programme the producer congratulated me in the way I handled him.

“The two pcs were completely different and accepted completely my explanation of the apparent motions of Venus as being due to travelling along a bending road. [Ian’s note: This was also the conclusion of MoD investigators.]

“I explained all the usual optical illusions that arise when a very bright object is seen in the sky and the idea that it must be near if it is very bright. They seemed quite satisfied.

“That was my sole contribution to the episode. I did not wish to become involved with the UFO organisations as I had enough to do with the satellite work. These organisations were a pain throughout my years as satellite director. In the end I used to say that UFOs were outside the terms of reference of the BAA and hence could not comment. It usually shut them up.”

The case attracted a fair bit of publicity at the time because of the two policemen involved but even those familiar with the case may not have known of Howard Miles’s involvement.

In early 2004 BBC Devon reinterviewed constables Waycott and Willey, both now retired, about the events of that October night. “Nobody can explain exactly what it was,” said Willey. “No explanation has been given to us by anybody,” agreed Waycott. Evidently the policemen, and BBC Devon, had forgotten that they had been given the answer in the BBC’s own Plymouth studios back in 1967.

 The Devon police case was the most high-profile sighting in a countrywide UFO flap that occurred during 1967 October. Among other cases in that month was the sighting of another bright, cross-shaped object by PCs in Cheshire three days after the Devon report. Click for more on the October 1967 UFO flap.

0400 hours. 24/10/67. Location - A3072 between Okehampton and Holsworthy, Devon. Two on duty uniformed police officers, PC CLIFFORD WAYCOTT and PC ROGER WILLEY had spotted a pulsating flying cross whilst driving between the above locations. It was seen at low altitude moving above the treetops of the surrounding countryside. Intrigued they began to chase the UFO, however they were never able to significantly gain on it. At times the object slowed to 50 mph and at one point came to a stop in mid air. The pursuit involved speeds of up to 90 mph and covered a distance of 14 miles. Whenever they did gain a little ground on the object it would simply accelerate away from them. Eventually they reduced their speed fearing an accident themselves. The closest distance they reached to the UFO was 400 yards. At one point they stopped at a farm to wake up the owner so they could gain some corroboration that they were not mistaken in their sighting. At a later press conference PC WAYCOTT said, “The light wasn’t piercing but it was very bright. It was star-spangled - just like looking through wet glass and although we reached 90 mph it accelerated away from us.” Before the object disappeared from view they saw a second UFO that was also cross-shaped, very bright and made no noise. Both officers were impressed by the relevant speeds of the objects as they quickly departed, especially the first one. Enquiries at nearby RAF Chivenor proved negative. Within 48 hours numerous other witnesses began to report sightings of similar objects. A ‘fiery cross’ was witnessed above the skies of Glossop, Derbyshire by six police officers.
On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1969. Pages 13-15.

0500 hours. 25/10/67. Location – Okehampton, Devon. Two uniformed officers in a patrol car observed a fiery cross shaped UFO above the town. One of the officers was a police photographer but he did not have time to get a picture of the object as the duration of the sighting amounted to only a few seconds.
On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – FSR Vol 14 No 2.

0205 hours. 26/10/67. Location – Okehampton, Devon. Only two days after his involvement in the famous high speed police UFO chase, PC ROGER WILLEY, observed a similar star shaped UFO in the skies above Okehampton. It was seen to drop down low as if to land in the area it was originally seen. The sighting was very brief lasting only a few seconds.
On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – FSR Vol 14 No 2.

October 1967. Location - Sussex and Oxfordshire. Following reports by several members of the public (including an RAF Wing Commander) police officers across the counties of Sussex and Oxfordshire observed a fiery cross UFO. One of them, a motor cycle officer, PC BRYAN CAWTHORNE, observed the UFO between Ringmer and Halland having initially thought the object to be a star. He pulled over to the side of the road to getter a better look at it and described its motion as slowly moving forward and backwards. He definitely confirmed that the object was actually moving by lining it up with a telegraph pole. He reported the incident to his control and was informed that other officers had also reported seeing the object.
On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: Evening News 25/10/67.

The following two sightings took place within two days of each other across the counties of Devon and Sussex at a time when sightings of fiery cross shaped UFOs were being widely reported in the media. October 1967 0445 hours. Wednesday. Location – Sussex. A uniformed police officer observed a fiery cross shaped UFO. October 1967 1600 hours. Tuesday. Location – Devon. A uniformed police officer, PC KEITH DROUDGE observed a UFO and said of his sighting, “There is no doubt in my mind. It was a UFO. It wasn’t a plane. We’ve seen enough planes not to be fooled like that”.
On Duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source: Sunday Express 29/10/67.