San Simeon daytime UFO sneaks-streaks by our campsite *Video*

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San Simeon daytime UFO sneaks-streaks by our campsite *Video*

by JRTV@PRS » Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:57 am

In August of 2014, I uploaded a video taken at Joshua Tree Retreat Center where a description of an encounter with ravens unwittingly included a group of lights that sneak up in the background and form a large triangle. I had no idea any of this was going on in the background until looking at the video several days later, creating another example where UFOs will stealthily appear within the frames of photos and videos.

Well, last month, it happened again.

NOTE: (FOR THOSE WITH Attention Deficit Disorder)



A close friend had been bugging me ever since he got a classic camper-van this summer to go camping with him on the central coast, and last week I finally got a chance to check out San Simeon and the Heart Castle.

We were packing up, preparing to leave our camp after a couple of days. Actually my friend was packing up. He had an engineering genius of tying everything down for the journey, and after throwing rubbish away, it was really best for me to just stay out of the way.

I went out to get another look of the small view of the water we had from our ground. It was the first time I was able to see it since we had been there. It was mostly overcast and a bit foggy since we arrived. That morning was bright and sunny and the air felt amazing.

After looking at the water for awhile, I turned to my left and noticed a large airliner flying towards the west/northwest dragging a contrail behind it. In a few seconds, I noticed a point of light going in the opposite direction, but much closer to me. I was certain it was a plane, and stared at it for about forty seconds before noticing that the light that I thought was reflecting off it was not changing. I lowered my sunglasses and saw no wings…just a bright point of light moving in the opposite direction of the huge airliner many, many miles behind it.

I didn’t have my camera with me at the time… It was still in the camper van. Like the sighting I had two years ago, I knew there was a possibility that it would hang out long enough for me to get a camera, but it disappeared. I could no longer see it. With or without sunglasses, it was gone.

I was laughing to myself as I quickly walked back to the camp, disappointed that I hadn’t brought the camera with me ANY time I was looking at the sky…

I grabbed the camera out of the bag in the van, and walked back out to where I was, and began filming just for the heck of it. I figured I hadn’t had a chance to really videotape the campground where we were because it had been so cloudy, so now was a great time as we were getting ready to leave.

I started videotaping in the direction where I saw the airliner and the point of light, and began to do a panorama view of the area behind where we were camped…with the intention of ending on the view of the sea and San Simeon Beach.

I’ve included most of the original clip first… The clip starts with the trees covering up our site, and pans over the sky and horizon of the thick trees to eventually end on the view of the water.

When looking at the clip in actual speed, you have to really look very carefully, but you can see a blip appear between the trees and above the wooden kiosk moving from left to right. It happens incredibly fast.


I’ve slowed down the clip in the area where the anomaly appears, and have repeated it several times at differing speeds with gamma, brightness and contrast adjusted for each. A few are zoomed in as well.


You can see what seems like two blips/lines/rods/spots moving from left to right.


I’ve ruled out birds being able to move that fast. I don’t think these are insects….they appear to be off in the distance and fairly large.


This is another one of those instances where I was filming in the area, knowing there was a possibility of some kind of anomaly. Just like the clip uploaded a few months ago from Joshua Tree, I didn’t spot any of this activity until after downloading the clip from the camera, and looking at it very slowly in the Magix editor. I was initially tracking the birds…and was quite surprised to see fast moving blips, much larger than the birds in the approximate same distance, moving so unbelievably fast between the trees.


Oh, and in light of some of the flak and accusations I got from the last upload (on other forums, not this one), I did NOT hoax, make up, or fake this upload in any fashion either.

I guess it’s necessary to say this a zillion times everytime one shares something weird…so, I’ve said it!