Strange Lights in and around Lincoln UK

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Re: Strange Lights in and around Lincoln UK

by Paxovasa » Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:37 am

Good sighting AMYROSE.

Did you feel anything (fear)?

Re: Strange Lights in and around Lincoln UK

by wonder universe » Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:00 pm

Hi Amy,

nice to see You back, that was a cracking story report I like the first encounter stories from past and present, I have not worked out the day light sighting I had seen way back in autumn 1986 I can not explain it, I called it the seagull because it was the nose on view with the head in the centre one wing above and one below it, span slowly like a giant propeller, the object span across the quiet country road in front of Me silently 30 feet above the road, which was on the road from Wool to Wareham Dorset, also the object had a white light in the centre two red lights on the wing like tips, I was on My motorcycle and I recalled losing time, I recently revisited this story as I was thinking about it the other week, I perhaps thought it was an experimental RAF drone craft like the type used in mid east war zones, but this object appeared to be metallic and silky smooth was beautiful a gem in UFO sightings I shall never forget it.

Re: Strange Lights in and around Lincoln UK

by falkor » Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:34 pm

Amy :hmmm: your link > > Not Found
Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

Re: Strange Lights in and around Lincoln UK

by AMYROSE » Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:32 pm

Posted this topic on another couple of sites. So, if you're interested you can find other comments about this matter on this link ... nt-page-1/

Re: Strange Lights in and around Lincoln UK

by mj12cz » Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:29 pm

Hi Amy, nice to see you back here... cracking sighting I'm annoyed as thats only a few miles from my home and guess what??? I'm in Czech republic, just my luck hey!

When I get back to work I'll check the job computer for the 6th to see anything was reported.

Strange Lights in and around Lincoln UK

by AMYROSE » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:59 pm

Hello, thought I'd better report to you all a rather amazing sighting that my friend and I saw early this morning around 12.30-12.45am whilst driving from Cherry Willingham to Lincoln.

As we negotiated the 'train bridge bends' about a mile into our journey I briefly noticed that some clouds appeared to be moving rather fast and were somewhat lit up, however, this shortly lived vision was soon obscured by our changing direction owing to the twists and turns of the road and also because of the position of the vision, which was above, although not directly over, the car.

After we rounded the last of the bends and were approaching Greetwell Hollow my friend, who was driving, told me to “look at those lights!”. The 'fast moving lit up clouds' were now clearly defined, they were two circular bands of around, in all, ten separate lights. There was one outer and one inner ring, with more lights, not surprisingly, on the larger outer ring They could be described as huge headlights but did not direct beams and the lights were white in colour and definitely separate from each other.

These lights were on the other side of the trees and hedgerows which surrounds fields at the side of the road and were on the drivers side of the car, with another lane for on coming traffic separating us from the hedgerow. I had to lean forward and and crane my head upwards and to the right to see them and, I guess, that on average the bands of lights were usually about 70 feet away and about 40 feet above us although this did vary somewhat. The fields are also separated, at times, by tree and hedgerow boundaries at right angles with the roadside borders, and a couple of houses and lanes are also found on the same side of the road as the lights. Sometimes the lights would tilt at an angle, that is, whatever they were attached to tilted but we couldn't see any object at all. We drove very slowly as the road has numerous twists and bends and the driver was watching them most of the time as well – it was too fascinating not to. About 3-4 miles down the road we pulled into a small lay by on the Eastern outskirts of Lincoln just before Wickes on Outer Circle Road. The lights had flanked the car all this way and we hadn't met any on coming traffic.

We turned right at the Outer.Circle roundabout and pulled in again after a couple of hundred yards where I got out of the car and looked for the lights, which, other than a distant glow were not now clearly visible.

Throughout this experience my friend kept saying someone's playing about with spotlights from the fields but as I pointed out how could that be so as these bands of lights crossed over the few houses, the lanes and field boundaries without break throughout our 4 mile drive. Also, there were no light beams or streaks, these very large, round lights simply glowed white.

Interest piqued we started to drive back towards Cherry Willingham and about a mile into the journey we saw the lights again. We also passed another car traveling towards Lincoln but the lights followed, or flanked us all the way back to Cherry and to my friends house. I stayed in the car whilst they went into their home. The lights remain around the back of their house, not quite stationary but not moving anywhere. My friend looked out of their back windows and said they were above the fields at the back of the house.

We drove back to Lincoln and again the lights flanked our journey. My friend was trying to convince us both that it was a light display, so, we again turned right at Outer Circle roundabout to look for their source. After a few hundred yards we turned right into the Carlton Center housing estate and again the lights were visible in the sky although higher up than when they flanked our journey back and forth along the road from Cherry to Lincoln.

Because I wanted to go home, we drove into Lincoln and although the lights were higher they still journeyed with us most of the way but were obscured at times by houses and the necessary road turn offs. Upon arriving at my home we looked out the upstairs back windows and could just make out their glare in the distance, however, they were more visible from the end of my garden and we checked them a couple more times until just before two in the morning – they were still there hovering backwards and forwards although nowhere near as close as they had been

In all, during our slow 45 min journey, we passed more than several cars, therefore, I'm certain others must have seen the light rings, even if briefly, and also a couple of police cars were on Outer Circle Road when I got out of the car, so maybe the lights had already been reported.

I've checked on the internet for images of light shows but nothing was like this display, for as I've explained there were no real beams emitted from the light source, something which all the displays showed. Also the circular lights were mainly angled in such a way that what ever was creating them must have been directly above or below - they could not have been projected at an angle. Also, whatever it was made no sound because we wound down the window when we first pulled over, which was at a time when the lights were still hovering close by. Any rational suggestions or explanations anyone?