so, Nine years on, what's the difference?

Ufo sighting of the month Well quite a lot actually. When we launched back in 2009, sightings like this (as seen adjacent) were common or garden fare, Sensational yes, but nothing to write home about

Text from Business Insider UK :

Reports of UFO sightings has been in massive decline for the past few years. According to data from US-based NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) the slump started in 2014, after years of increased sightings.

Since the 1990s, the overall number of UFO observations steadily increased, reaching a peak of 8,670 reports in 2014. After that, it all went quickly downhill, as this infographic from shows. (see below)

Basically this all centres on what ARE/ WERE the UFOs being seen?

Windsor Safari Road map
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Windsor Safari Park approach road B3022 So what happened to all the UFOs landing in Dark Forests? The awesome triangle pyramids slowly moving across Cityscapes apparently with impunity!

Has the public's appetite for UFOs simply faded inline with the upward ease that fake videos and images can now be created? Startling videos that formerly could only be created by Steven Spielberg are now in the grasp of virtually anybody with the motivation and an upgraded version of Windows 10.

UFO spotting has moved into a new Era. What is needed now is a new type of Investigator. The days of a video being uploaded to YouTube as proof are well and truly gone.

This obviously makes working out what is going on far more difficult than when we first launched in 2009, however this site has always placed greater emphasis on Personal Testimony which is why we have placed our SIGHTINGS folder in pride of place, right on top! More than ever before, personal testimony trumps videos, images or expert speculation.

Almost as important as personal testimony, is support and respectful clarification of that testimony by means of other members replying to "The Sighting" , this continues to be a valuable component of this site's record holding system.