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Prospective London UFO museum seeks crowd funding
27 Mar, 2013 Open Minds

A few industrious Londoners say they don’t want to have to travel thousands of miles to visit a UFO museum, so they are going to build one in their hometown, and they are hoping crowd funding will help pay for it.

The group says they are people of “sound mind,” which is great because they are taking on quite a task. They claim they have already found potential places to rent, have acquired materials from a former UFO museum, and are ready to open up as soon as they are able to require more materials.

The group definitely has some impressive graphic and audio/visual ability. They have created some neat UFO goodies, such as T-shirts, postcards, and tote bags, all with some nifty UFO graphics. If you participate in sponsoring the project, depending on the level you choose, you can get some of these UFO goodies sent to you. There is also a well produced video with some interviews of Londoners discussing UFOs and their thoughts on the potential UFO museum

The group is trying to raise nearly one million dollars to open their museum, and they have a long way to go. At their crowd funding site on Indeigogo, they have only raised a bit more than $50. Their website also does not appear to be working anymore, so they may have given up. However, there is still 12 days to go, and If you live in the U.K., or anywhere in western Europe, and you want a UFO museum nearby, rush over to Indiegogo and donate.

Published on Thursday 7 March 2013 11:49 Shields Gazette
ON February 7, my column concerned UFOs, and brought the usual response from readers; the vast majority liked it, while a small number of sceptics (well, one actually) chanted the usual mantra that the witnesses were all lying or deluded.

Reader Barry Alton is neither a liar nor deluded, for he has no motivation to be the former and there’s no evidence he is the latter.

He saw a UFO, that’s for sure, and what he saw was uncannily similar to the saucer-shaped UFO described by the reader “B” in my previous column...

“I write you regarding the UFO article in the Gazette (February 7), which a friend has brought to my attention.

“This report brought vivid memories back to me, and may be linked to the encounter ‘B’ may have witnessed.

“It was on a clear and gentle night during the winter of 1966, maybe September and about 8pm.

“Myself, my wife and my two brothers-in-law (aged 13 and 17 at the time) saw a UFO uncannily similar to that in your article.

“We first saw the object while walking on the way to our residence in Hyde Street, via the old Westoe Colliery steps over the train lines near Osbourne Avenue.

“It was wandering slowly around the sky on a general route over North Shields towards Tyne Dock.

“It was just a small white light at this time – I could tell it was not a conventional aircraft due to the strange ‘wandering manoeuvres’ it was taking.

“The object had disappeared from our view by the time we had arrived at Hyde Street, some 10 minutes later.

“My two brothers-in-law were going to a fish and chip shop in Westoe Road.

“Suddenly, the UFO appeared and flew almost directly over us. Believe me, it was a vision I will never forget. This was without doubt a UFO.

“The only noise we could hear was a soft humming sound as this ‘flying saucer’– shaped craft flew slowly towards the town hall in a north westerly direction.

“The black, circular shape was clearly visible as it blocked out the stars while it progressed across the sky.

“The circular white light was directly underneath and centrally located on the underbelly of the craft, and was approximately one-third of the size of the entire object.

“Around the circumference was an aurora of soft and colourful plasma-type light.

“We estimated the UFO to be travelling at about 15mph and that it was at least 40ft in diameter.

“We watched this unbelievable sight for about two minutes as the object skimmed about 100ft above the rooftops of the houses in Westoe Road.

“Was it the same object as seen by ‘B’? We can only wonder.

“We never officially reported this incident, knowing it would only be disbelieved.

“However, as far as I am aware, there was no other local report disclosed regarding this strange encounter – until now.”

The object might just be the same as the one seen by “B” and her friends, as both sightings took place in the same month of the same year – and in the same general area.

Couple give tour of alleged Aztec UFO crash site
By James Fenton The Daily Times Posted: 03/05/2013 08:44:35 AM MST
AZTEC — One couple are on a mission to prove that a flying saucer really did crash land in Aztec.

Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, who first met at a fundraiser at the Aztec Public Library more than 10 years ago, returned Monday for a presentation and book signing to tell their story and promote their 2012 book, "The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon."

After their slide presentation and talk, they took a group of interested attendees in their van 12 miles northeast to Hart Canyon to tour the fabled mesa where they believe the UFO crashed.

This month marks the 65th anniversary of Aztec's brush with alien life, according to the husband-and-wife authors.

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After their initial meeting, the two met again when Scott appeared on Suzanne's Farmington radio show in 2001. Initially, Suzanne was sparked by Scott's thorough research.

"I was intrigued by the story, especially the way he talked about it without trying to convince me to believe," Suzanne said. "Scott never said things that he couldn't support without documentation, and he would decline to discuss speculation or anything he couldn't verify."

After they married, the couple committed themselves to researching the alleged Aztec crash.

Over the last 26 years they have uncovered as much related documentation as they could find on the March 25, 1948, crash or controlled landing. They say the U.S. military covered up the extraterrestrial event by sending all the evidence to Los Alamos National Laboratory