What's INSIDE a UFO?

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falkor : coffee!!

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mj12cz : hi Malc

falkor : lo

mj12cz : how was work?

falkor : terrible

mj12cz : oops public being gobby!

falkor : couldn't get the hang of my new water bottle

falkor : it kept leaking over my shirt!!

falkor : Good evening Patrick, thank you for joining me on this sunny spring evening

mj12cz : Its been a cracking day

falkor : sure has

falkor : love this weather. So going back a few years to your close encounter, how many years ago was that now?

mj12cz : must be almost 20

falkor : That's not the kind of thing you forget easily is it

mj12cz : nope, it will stick with me forever

falkor : Has it ever given you nightmares?

mj12cz : no, just wonder what the hell it was

falkor : What kind of a reaction did you have from friends when you related this later on?

mj12cz : well I didn't tell anyone for 10 years, most of my mates just think I saw a plane or something

falkor : okay but thinking on your previous answer, it never gave you nightmares

falkor : how come you weren't scared?

mj12cz : I was at the time, but not after... more curious

falkor : most people would be - or maybe not

falkor : Have you ever considered what might lie within a UFO Patrick?

mj12cz : At the time when I clicked what it was, I panicked

mj12cz : yep always

mj12cz : Ok malc this is what I think...

falkor : go on

mj12cz : After a few years of research I think there are several types of craft...

mj12cz : ! The big massive cigar that hold hundreds of beings... mother ships

mj12cz : 2 Smaller but large saucer type craft maybe a crew of 10

mj12cz : 3 the "Sports model" as talked by bob lazar cre 2 or 2

mj12cz : 3

falkor : ok

mj12cz : I think inside what makes them interesting is their power supply

falkor : amazing - hmmm how long have they been "visiting" us then?

falkor : power supply? 240 volts?

mj12cz : Kind of, power is electric of sorts it and anti matter reactor

falkor : how do we know this Pat?

mj12cz : sorry malc lots of typos!

falkor : no worries

mj12cz : Well I think the only way to travel such a long distance is to bend space

falkor : sure, agreed or invent some kind of FTL drive

mj12cz : and the only way to do it is by gravity fields

mj12cz : Yep

falkor : gravity fields? what the hell?

mj12cz : Yep gravity fields... get a rubber band strech it let go and you are there. the gravity field is like the rubber band

falkor : where do they exist? in this solar system?

mj12cz : Not sure, lots of speculation but I think some are in our solar system others further away

falkor : okeydokey - here we had a news item on the site a while back relating to a media blackout on a truly massive UFO, seen slowly moving across the Chinese city of Guangzhou

falkor : this UFO was reported as being the size of a city

mj12cz : yep

falkor : did you see that Pat?

mj12cz : scary

falkor : yeah but honestly!!!!

mj12cz : no not me...love to

falkor : the size of a sodding city Pat?

mj12cz : I find it a little odd, not sure about this. Possibly people could have been mistaken

falkor : So I guess it all depends on the size of a UFO as to what may constitute the interior

mj12cz : Some clouds look mad at high heights

falkor : oh no, not the clouds thing !

mj12cz : LOL

falkor : did you see that Professor who brought those cloud photos out?

falkor : on that documentary, hehe

mj12cz : Yes, it was a lovely pretty shot but nothing like a UFO

falkor : let's talk about what's inside a UFO though

falkor : Themes for interiors strike me as navigation, propulsion, command (weapons) (defence), comms, cargo, scientific, medical, dropship(s), detention (brig), armoury, hibernation, but what other areas might a UFO contain within it?

mj12cz : Ok, the question is what

falkor : the size of the UFO

falkor : determines how many areas/ complexity of interior

mj12cz : are they doing here so whats the size

falkor : oh yeah

falkor : agreed

mj12cz : If it is a research lab then they will have some tools

falkor : totally so what the hell ARE they doing here?

falkor : and more to the point HOW SODDING LONG have they been coming here Pat?

mj12cz : A very long time

falkor : why?

mj12cz : We are an experiment

falkor : OK - my question is this. Why should the UFOs turn up during billions of years of Earth history in our time now? So they are visiting this planet in the 21st century. But not the 19th century? The 15th century? The 9th century? How could they be that selective?

mj12cz : They have been around in all these centuries, just mistaken for God and angels

falkor : I don't see why they would be here for centuries

falkor : this to me, seems the sticking point

falkor : another thing

falkor : Now - how many different alien life forms are involved with this? I mean what is the likelyhood that there is more than one alien race patrolling our skies in futuristic interstellar craft?

mj12cz : 3 main ones lots of others

falkor : 3 main ones?

falkor : you are kidding me now

mj12cz : yep,

falkor : no way!!

mj12cz : No sorry

falkor : go on then

mj12cz : Ok 3   1) Reptilians 2) Grays 3) Nordics

falkor : sheesh, is there a cliff around here somewhere?

falkor : Pat do you honestly believe this?

mj12cz : LOL yes I do

mj12cz : i'm nuts

falkor : how come?

mj12cz : LOL

mj12cz : Ok here goes

falkor : sure go ahead

mj12cz : Ok The grays are workers for the Reptillians

falkor : there is no article or news item on the site documenting this

mj12cz : The Nordics are a spiritual race and have been tampering with our DNA. the reptillians and Grays want

falkor : where is the source for this Pat?

mj12cz : Grada Treaty

falkor : is this on the site somewhere?

mj12cz : 1953 I think

mj12cz : oh yes, hold on

falkor : what has convinced you?

mj12cz : The majestic files that have been released

falkor : they refer to these 3 races?

mj12cz : It names the 3 species

falkor : blimmen heck

falkor : Patrick I saw a news item today on the American Conference, one eminent speaker stated that multi-millions of humans have been abducted by UFOs

falkor : do you go along with that?

mj12cz : hmmm I would say some, was reading the same document

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falkor : multi-millions?

mj12cz : No possibly hundred thousand

falkor : so how come this eminent speaker, highly qualified

mj12cz : but who knows??

falkor : says multi-millions

falkor : how the hell would he KNOW that?

mj12cz : Disclosure

falkor : Disclosure? you are scaring me now

mj12cz : maybe he is part of the project

falkor : jeeeees

falkor : I think I can hear somebody at my front door

mj12cz : Yep,we are being drip fed information

falkor : this is too much

mj12cz : I wonder why?

falkor : yeah indeed

mj12cz : LOL don't panic

falkor : cor here I was thinking about the inside of a UFO

mj12cz : Oh yes sorry

falkor : so do you think we will get past the edges of the solar system this century?

mj12cz : yep already done it with their help

falkor : please explain?

mj12cz : There has been times when some humans were swapped for aliens

mj12cz : part of the Grada Treaty

falkor : so the alien gets to take the human's place down here?

falkor : wouldn't they be spotted?

mj12cz : yep, but they stay at S4 A51

falkor : meaning?

falkor : Roswell?

mj12cz : They do not walk among us...

mj12cz : yep Roswell

falkor : what's the point of the swap then?

mj12cz : So they can learn about us and us about them

falkor : ok one more thing

falkor : Pat it occurs to me that the media is awash with UFO sightings, witnesses see UFOs bombing across our skies every other day but where are the witnesses who ever see these things LAND?

mj12cz : They don't as a rule

falkor : they don't?

mj12cz : I believe if they do it's not seen

falkor : how do they refuel?

mj12cz : no need its powered by a anti matter reactor...element 115 i believe

falkor : hehe I thought you would say that

falkor : okay now an easy one

mj12cz : LOL

falkor : Pat if you were to walk up the landing ramp of a UFO what do you think you would see as soon as you walked into it?

mj12cz : 2 small seats and a polished metal skin

falkor : 2 small seats? blimmen heck

falkor : you sound specific!!

mj12cz : touch controls set in the metal

falkor : to do what?

mj12cz : yep

falkor : any further ideas on the interior?

mj12cz : yep

falkor : can the UFOs be damaged?

mj12cz : it will have a small dome inside whick leads to the wave guides

mj12cz : yep they can be damaged

mj12cz : and have been in the past

falkor : has there been damage ?

falkor : any cases?

mj12cz : yep, Roswell and the incident in Vietnam

falkor : hmm Roswell - everyone knows that but Vietnam? which year was that?

mj12cz : during the Vietnam war one was shot down and recovered

falkor : flippin heck, we need the article on that, where is it Pat??

falkor : no one talks about that one

mj12cz : I found it on the net somewhere

falkor : why not?

falkor : can you find it again Pat? would love to have the report on that

mj12cz : not sure there have been lots of recoveries

falkor : any further details that you know?

mj12cz : I'll look

falkor : lots of recoveries?

mj12cz : yep at least 8 I am aware of, 3 in the UK

mj12cz : probably more

falkor : oh - I didn't know

mj12cz : yep 1 in welsh mountains

mj12cz : 1 in the sea off brighton

mj12cz : and rendlesham forest

falkor : yikes

mj12cz : lol

mj12cz : I guess you think I'm nuts

falkor : no - I'm just amazed

falkor : I'm glad that you and me are kind of 2 sides of a coin

falkor : hehe I know nothing

falkor : you have all the info - expertise if you like

mj12cz : LOL there is a massive amount of information hidden away, this is 10 years of digging

mj12cz : Years

falkor : yeah but how can this material be proved? it's so difficult

mj12cz : It never can, not till the US goverment admits what has been going on

falkor : they won't will they?

mj12cz : and that will never happen

mj12cz : not a chance

falkor : until something happens

falkor : like a high profile crash landing

mj12cz : oh yes, perhaps 2012

falkor : why 2012? that's not far off

mj12cz : the myan calendar ends in 2012 and I believe they were close to an alien race

falkor : who were close to an alien race? now I'm lost

mj12cz : The Myans who's calender ends in 2012

falkor : the Myans? they go back to the City of Gold? Esteban?

mj12cz : yes

mj12cz : A very clever race

mj12cz : like the egyptians

falkor : a marvellous programme too, I'm with you there

falkor : in fact I just bought the boxed set x 2

mj12cz : Am I nuts? LOL

falkor : why do you say that? everyone has to believe in something

mj12cz : yep but some just take the piss

falkor : thank you for taking part in this interview tonight Pat

falkor : it has been a pleasure

mj12cz : no probs malc, just a bit off track LOL

falkor : yeah but it has been a blast

falkor : I have been amazed by some of things you said

mj12cz : It's been fun

falkor : I honestly have learned a few things tonight

falkor : it has

falkor : so now I have chicken soup and toast

falkor : cheers Pat!!!

mj12cz : Take care malc nite

mj12cz : Malc LOL

falkor : nite nite Pat

on Friday 24th April 2009, administrators falkor and mj12cz met in the PJIRC chat room from 9pm to 9.30pm for an informal chat on the inside of UFOs


  What's INSIDE a UFO?