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Arizona UFO conference
By Emma Reynolds Last updated at 7:27 PM on 25th February 2012

UFO fanatics gathered in the Arizona desert this week to marvel at artefacts said to come from meetings with aliens and share their stories of flying saucers.

The spaceship spotters watched documentaries about extraterrestrial investigations and listened to lectures at the world's annual UFO conference near Scottsdale.

At night, conference-goers took part in sky-watching events and attended cocktail parties as they delved in to the unexplained in the unprepossessing surrounds of Fort McDowell casino.

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Attendees were transported by documentary 'The Truth Is Out There', which starred actor Dean Haglund who played a computer hacker in The X-files, according to UFO Digest.

The film follows Haglund's travels across the globe in search of the truth about little green men, shot in the style of a home-movie.

It will be judged along with other films screened during the week in an awards ceremony tonight before the conference concludes tomorrow.

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The 21st annual International UFO Congress was attended by doctors, ufologists, UFO enthusiasts, colonels, and other military personnel - many of whom had been investigating supernatural phenomena for the past 18 years or more.

Cynthia Crawford, a UFO sculptor, told visitors that she had been abducted on to a mothership, and then began creating artworks based on different types of aliens, including Zuma, Greys, Sirians and the Reptilian races.

Another abductee who appeared in the film said he was told by aliens that humanity must 'activate their DNA as it is the fail-safe method to get to the fifth dimension'.

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Zeta Reticuli and the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Encounter
by Ian Brockwell 25 Feb 2012

The alleged UFO encounter by Betty and Barney Hill happened on September 19, 1961, at a time when Sci-Fi films were becoming popular with movie audiences. However, despite some reports, Betty Hill was not a lifelong "UFO fanatic" (as stated by Paranormal investigator Brian Dunning), although her interest in UFOs certainly increased after this alleged incident.

Like many other UFO enthusiasts, I would love to believe Betty and Barney`s story, but something in the back of my mind stops me from doing so. We could ask why this couple would want to make up such an elaborate story, but we could also question why aliens would want to take them into space to carry out these examinations, couldn`t they have done this more quickly at the spot of the alleged abduction (which was quite remote)?

Much is made of the Star Map that Betty was instructed to produce in a post hypnotic suggestion and an amateur astronomer, Marjorie Fish, believed (after several years of studying the map) that the "UFO" originated from one of the planets orbiting the double star system of Zeta Reticuli. This of course is possible, but Betty only produced a map containing a total of 15 stars and considering the number of stars in our galaxy alone, the chances of this matching other star systems could easily be a coincidence.

I realise that many may be upset with my article and perhaps consider me a sceptic, but this is not my intention. Although I have never seen a UFO (or alien), I strongly believe that they exist. However, I am keen for others to share my belief and that is why I present information in a way that looks at both sides of the argument. If we are seriously interested in convincing sceptics that aliens do exist, we must provide information that is not open to dispute.

UFO spotted over Thames Estuary proves alien existence

8th Feb 2012 9:38am | By Frankie Mullin

A UFO over the Thames Estuary has been filmed and the conclusively alien-proving video posted to Youtube.

?If you ever doubted the existence of UFOs, this video will convince you of their veracity. Never before has such a clear sighting of an alien space-ship been recorded on video. (As hard scientific evidence, this is topped only by a video of an alien corpse kept in a Russian freezer, filmed last year).

The man - identified only as Space999dude - who witnessed the awe-inspiring scene wrote on Youtube that: "The ufo over london thames estuary seems too bright for a boat and looked like it was above the water."

He explains the poor quality of the footage by saying that he was a long way from the alien craft and that even with his camera's 40x zoom the object was hard to film.

Space999dude is not new to alien sightings and has posted other clips, including 'Strange sound recorded over London' to his Youtube channel.

" I always carry a camcorder in my car as saw something a few years ago and think more people should be looking and keeping cameras at the ready," he says

Bizarre UFO over Mexico

Date: 19 February 2012 Posted By : by Scott Waring Date of sighting: February 12, 2012 Location of sighting: Mexico City, Mexico

Look closely at this UFO seen this week over Mexico city and while you are watching remember your history, Mexico City was the location of the Aztec empire back in 1325, once called "Tenochtitlan." Long ago they chose this area for a reason.

Myth says Aztec people came from the north from a place called Aztlan (Atlantis?) and this place is also called Chicomostoc, "the place of the seven caves. That makes it sound as if they came from an underground alien base?

Ginormous UFO spotted above Toronto, Ontario, Canada yesterday

February 15, 2012 By Dakota O'Leary 16 Comments

Just in time for Valentine's Day it seems a gigantic UFO was seeing hovering around Toronto, Canada yesterday. So far the video has generated nearly 850 views on YouTube:

Strange rumours from Canada are going around on the internet: a 'UFO sighting' in Toronto. It has been described as a gigantic metalic ship which was visable for about 2 minutes. It has received the nickname 'Valentine's Day UFO' and is probably one of the craziest unexplained sightings in 2012.

UFO Found In Baltic Sea    30JAN12    Huffington Post

A team of shipwreck hunters that found a strange circular object on the floor of the Baltic Sea in 2011 now says they have discovered visual evidence of a second "disc-like shape" some 200 meters from the original find, CNN reports.

Peter Lindberg, who leads the group, previously joked to CNN that the first object they found 300 feet below the surface might be an unidentified flying object.

When the object, which has a diameter of 195 feet, was first discovered in June of last year, many believers thought it was a wrecked UFO that had crashed onto the seafloor and left behind a path of destruction measuring some 900 feet, according to News.com.au.

The team is waiting until the spring to further investigate their intriguing discovery.

According to Yahoo News, the Baltic Sea is a hotbed for salvaged items.

"Right now, we know about 20,000 objects, mostly shipwrecks, in the Baltic Sea. But I think there may be more than 100,000," sonar expert Ardreas Olsson told Yahoo News. "I'm not sure what you will see when you go down. But I'm excited. It's going to be interesting to see what it is."

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