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 Welcome to the UFO FORUMS .CO.UK

 This site was launched in March 2009 by falkor and mj12cz with the primary intention of listing first person sightings across the UK

  This ambition has been realised with an incredible 99 individual reports held in our Specific Folder "UFO SIGHTINGS." We insist that ONLY first person witness reports can be held in that folder so you will see that about 20% of the total have been MOVED to more relevant areas of the site. That still leaves approxamitely 80 actual genuine sightings that have been logged on the site since 2009.

  Since 2009 we have accrued over 6000 posts and over 1000 topics, all genuine discussion and relevant to the UFO field of research.

 2014 UFO FORUMS change of location

  Sadly over the last 12 months a significant drop in participation, felt not only on UFO FORUMS but other forums too, has given the site more of a READ ONLY feel than an active contributory discussion machine (which we would prefer of course!)

  Whatever the fine detail of why this has happened it matters not now, the end result is that the UFO FORUMS material has been placed into the care of pcsos-national which is kind of ironic as that is where it all began back in 2009.

  To all the active members who came onboard in the first two years e.g. DarkKnight, Paxovasa, Deranged Granny, psychbunny, kato, AMYROSE, 7thsister, Infofeeder3, wonder universe and monkeynuts, please accept thanks from the Administrators falkor and mj12cz. You were the ones who contributed your views, your thoughts, your opinions and made the site work!

  It's a sign of today that a lot of forums simply don't see that level of commitment anymore, however your posts are all still there, they can be read, they can still be replied to!

  So all the content is now on pcsos-national instead of the actual original UFO FORUMS CO UK domain which exists now only "in theory" - thanks for reading and please do chime in on the forums!


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