Apollo 20 and the biggest UFO

William Rutledge (according to his story, a man of 76 years old who lives in Rwanda, former of Bell Laboratories and employed by USAF) is the name of the "deep throat" who, since April 2007, has been disclosing information and spreading a lot of video and photographic material on YouTube, about the presumed Apollo 20 space mission. His user name on YouTube is "retiredafb", and the most amazing footage he released so far is the presumed flyover of an ancient alien spaceship found on the backside of the Moon by the Apollo 15 crew.

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The last official space mission to the Moon with crew was the Apollo 17 (NASA), which took place in December 1972, and the Apollo 20 mission was cancelled by NASA in January 1970.

But the presumed footage of Apollo 20 is not the only material which came out in the last weeks: it was also released by William Rutledge a presumed studio for the flyover of the assumed alien spaceship (available on YouTube as the so-called preflight study for Apollo 20).

And moreover on YouTube we have also several shots of the strange object on the backside of the Moon (whose numbers would be AS20-1020, AS20-1022 and AS20-FWD-7250).

According to the YouTube file-card on William Rutledge, who uploaded the controversial footages and shots, "Apollo 20 went to the moon august 16 1976. Destination was Iszak D, southwest of Delporte Crater, farside of the moon.

The mission was soviet-american. Crew was William Rutledge CDR, former of bell laboratories, leona snyder CSP bell laboratories, and alexei leonov, soviet cosmonaut former "apollo soyouz" (mission one year earlier)."

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2 minute YOUTUBE summary here (recommended)




From what I understand, here is the timeline of this incredible discovery:

  1. 1971, Apollo 15 takes footage of the moon surface. Images published from that, show (from far off) a huge 2 mile long cigar shaped object on the surface, at a crater.

  2. 1972, last official NASA mission to the Moon (Apollo 17).

  3. 1976, secret Apollo 20 mission to the moon, to explore above "object" - better, closer photos and film taken during that mission.

  4. 2007, a veteran member of NASA (an American or Soviet former technician, who worked as insider during the 70s on Space classified missions) breaks the silence and uploads material onto YOUTUBE to bring this discovery to the public.


  1. The photos taken in 1971 (taken from far off) are genuine and accepted as such. But what the 2 mile long cigar shaped object on the surface at the crater IS, still remains in dispute (as NASA deny that there even was an Apollo 20 mission).

  2. the new photos that emerged in 2007 and the new video showing closer detail of the object, are controversial.

  3. the dimensions of the object are colossal, 2 miles long and as high as the Eiffel tower, this thing is big, pummelled by meteorites over millions of years, what it is, may already be known to the chosen few.

  4. "The insider" alleges the age of the craft to be 1 billion years and asserts that when astronauts began to enter the craft to explore it, they discovered an earlier exploration had already occurred

These are the critical issues and however you feel about them, they deserve careful consideration.


by Luca Scantamburlo JUne 26, 2007

Luca Scantamburlo A few weeks ago I interviewed a man by the name of William Rutledge, who has been claiming his identity: he would have been an astronaut during the ‘70s, employed by the USAF in collaboration with NASA during a secret Space mission. My interview was carried out by my YouTube Account/General Messages. William Rutledge registered himself on YouTube as a man of 76 years old (YouTube user: “retiredafb”), who now lives in Rwanda. He told me he is an American citizen, now civilian, born in Belgium in 1930 and employed by USAF as test pilot on various aircrafts.

According to his report supported by some outstanding videos uploaded on YouTube since April 2007, after the Apollo 17 (December 1972) and the “Apollo18-Soyuz” mission taken place in July 1975, there were other two missions on the Moon: the Apollo 19 (failed because of a loss of telemetry, a brutal end of mission without data>>, see the interview with W.Rutledge) and the Apollo 20 (August 1976), which were both classifed Space missions launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base (California).

The goal of these two presumed secret joint space mission, result of an American-Soviet collaboration, was to reach the backside of the Moon (the Delporte-Izsak region, close to the well-known Tsiolkovsky crater) and to explore a huge object found out during the Apollo 15 mission. What the Apollo 20 crew found, it was a huge and ancient alien spaceship, approximately 4 kilometers long>> (W. Rutledge).

And as a matter of fact, some official NASA pictures archived by the LPI (The Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston), which is “a research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community” (www.lpi.usra.edu/lpi/about.shtml), show a strange and big object on the far side of the Moon. LPI is “is managed by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA)”.

On June 18 2007 William Rutledge (with the help of his friends in Rwanda) uploaded on YouTube new evidence which seem to corroborate his amazing story: the APOLLO 20 TEST Launch pad, the APOLLO 20 Test EVA 1 and the APOLLO 20 TEST Snyder Ingress.

For the last video here mentioned, W. Rutledge wrote the following text as comment: Test Cinepak radius compressor. Rutledge and L. Marietta Snyder ingress>>.

In the video you can see some technicians by a presumed launching pad for astronauts. In the footage (a capsule Ingress test?) they’re helping two astronauts (who would be William Rutledge and Leona Marietta Snyder, former Bell Laboratories), who wear their space suits, to enter into a presumed spacecraft by a launching pad. The footage seems to be the editing of three different moments, in front of the entrance. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlMZU9XHSrU

The important point is that on the back of the technician’s overalls, you can see what it seems the Rockwell corporation logo. Moreover, one of them has on the back the NASA logo. If you give a look to the Boeing’s official website, you can find the following statement:

[…] “North American Rockwell designed and built the Saturn V second stage and the command and service modules.>>

Moreover, besides to be the manufacturer of spacecrafts, that company (the Rockwell) planned and developed several military aircrafts. You can find more information on Wikipedia: […] North American was responsible for the famous WWII P-51 Mustang fighter and Korean War-era F-86 Sabre, as well as the Apollo spacecraft.>>

Since the 1973 the name of the corporation changed: the North American Rockwell Corporation became the Rockwell International Corporation. W. Rockwell died in 1978, and since that time the corporation began a series of spin-offs. What remains of the company is the Rockwell Collins (COL) and the Rockwell Automation (ROK). The Rockwell International no longer exists.


The last video uploaded on YouTube by William Rutledge (retiredafb) on June 24, 2007, is really amazing: APOLLO 20 ALIEN SPACESHIP ON THE MOON CSM FLYOVER>>.

In the comment he wrote: CSM 16mm footage through the AGC lens... CSM 16mm footage through the AGC lens, made by Leona Snyder […]. Camera is fixed on the eyepiece of the telescope, less dropouts or moves than the Tv feed from the LM. Frame transfer is not perfect,speed is faster than actual, 4 different speeds were used on the 16 mm camera.>>

Apart from the evocative 16mm footage by Leona M. Snyder in which you can see the details of the presumed abandoned alien spaceship on the far side of the Moon, during the flyover of the Apollo 20 CSM, in my opinion the decisive frames from the historical point of view are the first. At the beginning of the footage, in fact, you can see the Spacecraft controls and instruments. If you compare them, for example, with the 35mm photos available from the Apollo 17 Image Library of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, you will recognize almost every part of the capsule inside

Moreover, instead of the American flag, you have the union of the American with the Soviet flag, over the Apollo 20 patch. It does make sense using the same technology to go to the Moon, already tested with success, if you think that Apollo 17 mission took place at the end of 1972, as the presumed Apollo 20 in August 1976. And just the year before there was the well-known Apollo-Soyuz mission:

[…] Apollo 18 was the Apollo-Soyuz project, the honeymoon before a moon landing mission, it was presented as a simple "shaking hands " mission in 1975>>

(from the interview with W. Rutledge).


  Apollo 20 and the biggest UFO