UFO Files - Alien Abductions: The Evidence - Part 1 of 5

Are alien abductions really happening? Are some members of the population being taken by force onto UFOs?

UFO Files - Alien Abductions: The Evidence - Part 2 of 5

Such people risk alienation and derision even ridicule if they "go public" following such an experience

Who would risk such indignation by volunteering such information if it was a lie?

UFO Files - Alien Abductions: The Evidence - Part 3 of 5

Many such victims stay quiet to avoid such a downfall because quite plainly you risk being disowned by your friends, even your family, if you meet with the press on such a subject

UFO Files - Alien Abductions: The Evidence - Part 4 of 5

and yet here we have genuine people, coming forward to tell the world YES I WAS ABDUCTED, I WAS EXPERIMENTED ON, I WAS FORCED ONTO A UFO

UFO Files - Alien Abductions: The Evidence - Part 5 of 5

Buck Stabler case 1988

A couple of weeks ago at a UFO gathering, I met up with Buck Stabler for a quick interview. Life after reporting the incident hasn’t been the best for him, but he comes forward with his account of his alien experience…

1 Sep 2012 Vinman
SH: Can you go through the night of October 18th, 1988 and talk about the Clarion Iowa Incident?

I was leaving my job and was on my way home when I saw a light in the sky. The light was so strange…bluish and flickering. I followed it and then, the next thing that I remember is that I wake up in my car. Four hours had passed and there I was, on the side of the road, confused. I didn’t know how to explain it but then the pain set in. I had burns on my chest, bruises, and a terrible gash on my right shoulder.

I immediately went to the hospital, thinking that I was attacked but then they told me that they were radiation burns, and I couldn’t figure that out. I went to the authorities and reported an attack but I didn’t have many details. I felt sort of foolish but I wanted to report it in case I remembered the attack.

Buck Stabler SH: How did you come to the conclusion that aliens were involved?

I kept having night terrors and they became more vivid and I kept telling my wife that there were these figures that were terrorizing me and burning me. She told me that I may have been abducted. I laughed it off at first, but then I sat down and began thinking about all of the night’s happenings…the light in the sky, the lost time, the radiation burns…the night terrors, and it all made sense.

SH: I read that you went through hypnosis. Is that true and can you talk about it?

Yes, I had heard of hypnotic regression and met up with a woman that specialized in this and spoke to a lot of abductees. Under hypnosis, I learned that I was brought to this craft and that I became this experiment of some sort. They removed fluids from my body, used different instruments on me for some reasons that I understand and others that I don’t, and were able to communicate some things with me that I would later find out.

SH: What did they communicate to you?

They told me that their kind were responsible for our kind, finding us as stupid cavemen, basically, and engineering out DNA to make us smarter to serve their needs. This was essential in our beginnings but now, they remain curious as to our development. Whatever they did to us is an ever-changing implant. They want to keep an eye on it, which is why they abduct.

SH: You said that they made us smarter to serve our needs. Could you explain that statement?

Sure. They had some use for us. They needed something from our planet and needed us to harvest it and when they got what they needed, they sort of moved on, but they still visit us regularly. I wish that I had specifics as to what they needed. If they told me, I cannot recall.

SH: There is plenty of controversy over hypnotic regression and implanting memories. What do you think of the controversy and do you think that this could have happened to you?

No, because she couldn’t have given me radiation burns or created lost time, and I saw the picture…it was just blurry. She removed the blur and let me see. I know that they’ve implanted thoughts in the heads of people but I knew what happened…I was just fighting it.

SH: You were featured on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. How did that change your life?

For the worse, really. I was mocked by just about everyone in my town and eventually fired from my job. They cited some minor infraction as the reason, but the truth is that they saw me as a nut and didn’t want me working for them. My wife eventually left me and I was suicidal. I didn’t find balance until I found events like this, where people were able to see the truth and believe what happened to me.