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Friday, 6 August, 2010 17:37 PM Saffron Walden

A BAMBER’S Green resident has become the second person in the past month to report the sighting of a UFO near to Stansted Airport.

On Monday July 5, a former police officer – identified only as ‘Nick R’ - said he saw a UFO and then three ‘children-like figures’ disappear from a field close to the flight path of the Essex hub.

Now, Malcolm Harvey, a resident of Bamber’s Green near Takeley, has written to us to say that he and his 16-year-old son witnessed an identical object hovering near the airport three weeks ago.

Mr Harvey said: “We were turning off the B1256 (from Dunmow), onto the lane towards Bamber’s Green/Stansted Airport.

“It was 10.30pm and we saw an orange, oval light in the sky above the field; an orange glow emanated from the underneath and it was moving in an easterly direction.

“It immediately caught our attention as being different to what you would expect to see in the sky at night, so I stopped the car and we watched it for a while.

“Its trajectory was not constant, it had up and down motion to it, almost like it was hovering, and there were no other lights on it so it could not have been a plane.

“I turned off the car engine to listen for sound but it was dead quiet, so it wasn’t a helicopter either.

“As it got further away it disappeared into the distance, but it was certainly the most unexplained thing that I have ever witnessed.”

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Capri UFO town hall draws a full house
By Ann Hall • marcoislandflorida.com • May 12, 2010
Residents came out in droves Tuesday night to share their stories of UFO sightings and hear an investigator share his findings about strange objects seen over Capri.

Morgan Beall of Fort Myers, state section director of the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, said he continues to study the Capri sightings.

“This Capri case is very credible and very interesting,” Beall. “It cannot be explained at this time, and so for now I am calling it unidentifiable.

Beall told about 100 people gathered at the Capri Community Center for what was billed as a UFO town hall that “all of the people I interviewed on Capri seemed very credible and very direct.

“We were able to work together and talk openly about the sightings that could be explained like celestial objects such as Venus or the moon,” Beall continued. “Still, some are unidentifiable.”

Beall said he is fascinated that so many around Capri had seen the objects.

“I am fascinated by the large number of reports in that area, and plan to pull together a team for further study,” Beall said.

MUFON, founded in 1969, is a nonprofit corporation that utilizes volunteers to resolve the scientific enigma known collectively as unidentified flying objects.

The Capri intrigue began with sightings that occurred on three consecutive nights in late March.

A bright white ball of light appeared out of nowhere, made no sound, and did not move except to disappear as quickly as it appeared over Johnson’s Bay on the Isles of Capri.

The light was captured by a video camera installed above the Capri Fire-Rescue station. That image has now been seen around the world due to intense media interest.

AUSTRALIAN FOCUS 2010 what the schmeg is happening down under?
19 May 10 @ 12:27pm by Jessica Clement

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MEET the West Pennant Hills man who has been dubbed Australia’s version of The X-Files’s special agent Fox Mulder.

Scientist Bill Chalker has been investigating unidentified flying objects for 34 years.

His interest started in 1966 when there were several sightings in Queensland and Victoria and a lot of physical evidence was purportedly left behind.

“Most sightings tend to be explainable but some just don’t seem to make sense or fit into anything obvious,” Mr Chalker said.

“It is these cases which interest me the most, especially those where physical traces are left, like marks on the ground.”

Mr Chalker has written books on the subject including The OZ Files: The Australian UFO Story.

He even investigated a “sighting” at nearby Baulkham Hills.

“In 2007 a security guard from a factory building was on a night shift sitting in the watch house when he noticed just beyond the building, in a space between some trees, a large, disc-shaped object with a rotating light effect inside it,” Mr Chalker said.

“The guard had a camera on him and as he walked out of the watch house decided to take a picture. He then experienced the object come towards him and then go back and disappear.”

Mr Chalker will talk about his latest investigations in Adelaide in June and welcomes information from those with physical evidence of a UFO.

Contact him at PO Box 42, West Pennant Hills 2125.

ALIENS have hijacked a NASA spacecraft and are now trying to contact Earth, a German UFO expert has claimed.
Hartwig Hausdorf claims that Voyager 2 — an unmanned probe blasted into space 33 years ago — has started transmitting strange, unintelligible signals. select for full story

13 May 2010 ..... the Sun
NASA installed a 12-inch disk containing music and greetings in 55 languages in case intelligent extraterrestrial life ever found it.

But last month the probe began sending back distorted messages from its location near the edge of the solar system that baffled NASA scientists were unable to decode, claimed Mr Hausdorf.

He told Bild newspaper: "It seems almost as if someone had reprogrammed or hijacked the probe, thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth."

The signal from Voyager 2 — which takes 13 hours to reach the Earth — broke off fully on April 22.

NASA said engineers were working to solve a data transmission fault.

The space agency has not commented specifically on Mr Hausdorf's comments — but claims the fault is likely to be a glitch in the probe's computer memory

Voyager 2 and its twin, Voyager 1, were launched in 1977 to explore Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

They are the most distant human-made objects in outer space.

Voyager 1 is currently more than 8.5billion miles from Earth.

It will soon travel beyond the heliosphere — a bubble the sun creates around the solar system — into interstellar space, scientists say.

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Is this REALLY a UFO being chased down the M5 by RAF fighter jets?
'Video footage' captured at a service station
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:00 AM on 10th April 2010

The 30-second clip, thought to be shot from a West Midlands service station park, reveals the saucer-shaped craft zipping over the M5, with the two jets in its wake.

Former Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope told The Sun: ‘This is one of the best videos I’ve seen.

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Colleges should embrace UFOs as a field of study
By John Dodge | Apr 14, 2010 | 4 Comments

Could a bachelor of science in UFOs be in your future? If an anthropology professor from western New York has his way, you could have that option. By the way, UFOs stands for unidentified flying objects.

In an interview in the Buffalo News, professor Philip Haseley of Niagara County Community College is dead serious and why the hell not:

“It happens to millions of people [around the world],” he said in the Buffalo News article. “It’s about time we looked into this as a worthy area of study. It’s important that the whole subject be brought out in the open and investigated.”

In Googling UFOs, New York State appears to be something of a hotbed of UFO interest. There’s Hasely’s group, the Western New York Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as well as nyufo.com to fire the passions of the Empire State’s UFOers. MUFON is a nationwide network of chapters and western New York appears to be one of them.

Some might argue that UFOs hardly qualify as pure science, but if college curriculum designers held to that notion, religion and philosophy courses would have to jettisoned. In short, Haseley’s support for college study of UFO shouldn’t be controversial.

Rather, it just should be and could help scientifically explain sightings and rule out the false positives. Maybe, they’re all false positives! We won’t know until we look them scientifically.

We’ve been sending radio signals into space for years and so far, no intelligent being near as we can tell has pinged us back. That’s according to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) whose mission is to reach out to whatever intelligent life might be out there. From SETI’s about page:

Sheep Deaths, Experiments Linked To UFOs
April 6, 2010 3:41 p.m. EST
Ayinde O. Chase - AHN News Editor
Shropshire, United Kingdom (AHN) - Attacks on sheep have left residents in Shropshire to believe aliens are causing the unexplained occurrences. Farmers in the rural area say they've found their animals dead after apparent “experiments.”

UFO experts are linking the animal mutilations to strange orange lights in the sky. Some of the dead sheep have been found with their brains and eyes removed.

Phil Hoyle, 53, has spent nearly a decade investigating the strange deaths of the animals and said that the UFOs traverse a 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys.

Hoyle and 15 members of the Animal Pathology Field Unit claim to have witnessed the objects engaging in unexplained behavior while working during the night at a Welsh hill farm near Radnor Forest. Further adding to the fears are reports that these witnesses say sheep were zapped by two of the strange objects.

Following the incident, farmers in the area reported the disappearance of animals or deaths

UFO Matrix Magazine Will Be Published on July 29th 2010
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I am pleased to announce that the new 100 page full colour newsstand publication UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE will be launched on July 29th 2010. The first issue will go on sale in the UK and can be purchased in all of the usual high street outlets. This new bi-monthly publication will deal with any and all aspects of the UFO subject.

This new publication is edited by Philip Mantle and assistant editor Malcolm Robinson. It has an international line-up of columnists including: Nick Pope (UK), Mike Hallowell (UK), Steve Johnson (UK), Peter Robbins (USA), Scott Corrales (USA), Clas Svahn (Sweden), Lee Paqui (Australia) and Sheryl Gottschall (Australia).

The first issue will see features such as: A Conversation with Kenneth Arnold by the late Bob Pratt and Roswell and the Senator by Don Schmitt. The Isodoro Ferri UFO landing case from Italy also demonstrates the international scope of this publication. We will also have UFO sightings, encounters, news and reviews and Dr David Clarke looks back at this years MoD UFO files in the UK. Some recent UFO photographs from different parts of the world are also featured. In short, if you are interested in the UFO subject then this magazine has something for everyone.

UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE will be published on July 29th 2010 and you can reserve your copy now at our web site: healingsofatlantis.com At the moment we are only taking subscriptions from the UK and Europe but the USA/rest of the world will follow shortly.

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