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A giant pyramid which appears to be a UFO hovering over the Kremlin has caused frenzied speculation in Russia that it is an alien spacecraft.
Published: 6:47AM GMT 18 Dec 2009
The object has been compared to an Imperial Cruiser in the Star Wars films and witnesses estimated it could be up to a mile wide.

Two film clips exist which appear to show the same object and footage has been repeatedly playing on Russian television news channels.

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The shots, one taken at night from a car and one during the day, were both filmed by amateurs.

The 'craft' was said to have hovered for hours over Red Square in the Russian capital.

The clips of the 'invasion' have gone to the top of the country's version of YouTube.

The identity of the shape has not been confirmed. Russian reports ruled out a UFO but police refused to comment.

Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence UFO analyst, said it was "one of the most extraordinary UFO clips I've ever seen".

"At first I thought this was a reflection but it appears to move behind a power line, ruling out this theory."

How not to report a UFO
With UFO sightings at record levels, the Ministry of Defence should not have closed its hotline. This is a sad day for science

select to see Nick Pope's article Nick Pope guardian.co.uk, Friday 4 December 2009
On December 1 the Ministry of Defence terminated its UFO project. After over 50 years of investigating the phenomenon, the plug was pulled in a most unceremonious way.

The news was slipped out so as not to attract attention. An amendment was made to an existing document in the freedom of information section of the MoD website, entitled "How to report a UFO sighting". The announcement states: "In over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom." It goes on to say that the "MOD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them". When rumbled, the MoD press office implyied that the money saved (about £50,000 a year) would be spent on body armour in Afghanistan. I doubt it will be. As someone whose 21-year MoD career included a posting in a financial policy division, I suspect that's not how it works. Finance has played a part in this, I am sure. The defence budget is under huge pressure and the UFO project was doubtless an easy target for the Treasury and MoD financiers.

Between the 1950s and the present day, the MoD received around 12,000 UFO reports. While most were misidentifications of ordinary objects and phenomena, about 5% remained unexplained. These included instances where UFOs were seen by police officers and pilots, or tracked on radar.

Having worked on the UFO project from 1991 to 1994, I am very sorry to see the MoD disengage in this way. I believe that where evidence suggests that UK airspace has been penetrated by an unidentified object, this must automatically be of defence interest and should be investigated properly.

Mutual UFO Network directors featured on Jeff Rense program
December 18, 5:54
select to see entire article Three guests from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) will be featured on tonight's Jeff Rense program.

International Director James Carrion, International Director of Public Relations Mark Easter, and the Pennsylvania and West Virginia MUFON State Director John Ventre will all have show segments.

Easter is also the Nevada State Director for MUFON.

Photo: Mark Easter on a news broadcast.  

During the first hour, Easter and Ventre will discuss the recent youtube incident where an anonymous youtube user claimed to be associated with MUFON and was making personal attacks on other youtube users. Carrion will be featured during the show's second hour.

Easter wrote to youtube to expose the situation and the site was taken down.

"Anonymous youtube users have been impersonating MUFON in an unfortunate slander campaign against a fellow youtube user," Easter stated in a press release December 17. "For the record, these anonymous youtube individuals are in no way associated with MUFON. They are acting on their own. MUFON encourages Freedom of Speech, not hatred and slander. The UFO phenomenon brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in people."

select for full story Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com | 15 October 2009

The unusual ĎHalo Cloudí or UFO seen above Moscow has created a real buzz.

In a scramble to discount any paranormal or extraterrestrial explanation for the event it has been labelled a freak cloud or weather pattern.

I have received over a hundred emails from readers asking questions regarding the event and many of this publicationís readers work in various meteorological departments.

Some have insisted that this cannot be a cloud or an optical illusion.

The fact is that mankind has been looking to skies for millennia and patterns this unusual and this clear are rarely seen.

While I do not think the object is a UFO itself, I do suspect it is a UFO related event.

Scientists working for secret government departments studying UFOs or UAPís, as they like to call them, have already acknowledged the existence of UFO vortex or star gate exits that appear over Earth from time to time.

These are exits/entrances to galactic highways (wormholes) that are used by alien craft to traverse the galaxy's massive distances and, most importantly, allow for faster than light travel.

I noted in an article I wrote earlier this year that such a vortex was tipped to move from Brazil to Russia.

I didnít expect it to appear above that nationís capital city.

These vortexes tend to appear only in very remote locations and are generally semi-cloaked. Perhaps this is a bold move by an extraterrestrial race to prepare for open contact and an end to the alien cover-up.

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3 May 2009

A UFO was allegedly seen by a number of witnesses hovering above a shopping mall in a satellite town of Moscow in Russia early last month.

One lucky witness managed to film the craft with astonishing results. The footage shows the very clear outline of a disc shaped craft that suddenly vanishes towards the end of the clip.

The sighting took place in the town of Kashira, on the outskirts of Russia's capital city Moscow. The UFO was spotted above the well-known Kisharsky Shopping Mall, leading some local UFO researchers to speculate that it may have been tapping into the Mall's substantial energy system.

UFO sightings and footage have never been more frequent in Russia and many local ufologists believe that aliens will soon be openly revealing their presence on our planet.

Astronaut says we're not alone
By Joseph Curl POLITICAL THEATER | Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, the sixth man ever to walk on the moon, has a message for all citizens of Earth: We are not alone.

"We are being visited," the 79-year-old grandfatherly "spacefarer" told 100 or so UFOlogists gathered at a National Press Club conference called by the Paradigm Research Group (motto: "It's not about lights in the sky; it's about lies on the ground").

"It is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence," said the astronaut who made the longest moonwalk in history. "I call upon our government to open up ... and become a part of this planetary community that is now trying to take our proper role as a spacefaring civilization."

With a new, perhaps more intellectually curious president in the White House, UFOlogists say, the time is ripe for the United States to follow the lead of other nations and release all classified files about government interaction with extraterrestrial beings. In fact, PRG founder Stephen Bassett demands that the Obama administration dump the documents, and quick.

"If it does not disclose, by the end of May - this is not a threat or anything, you don't threaten the United States government, they're heavily armed ... the PRG has an enormous and substantial network, and quite a bit of documentary evidence connected to this, particularly politically ... and we are going to be extensively putting that out to the media, and we're just going to make it as difficult on them as possible," Mr. Bassett said.

If Mr. Obama refuses, Mr. Bassett said there's a chance "above 50-50" that the United States could fall victim to another space gap, this time by being beaten by another nation more willing to finally admit "the extraterrestrial presence."

"We will wake up and pick up The Washington Post or The Washington Times and the headline will read: 'President [Nicolas] Sarkozy of France today will tell the French people about a confirmation of an extraterrestrial presence and provide evidence from defense military files.' We will follow, and they will lead."

Packed into the First Amendment Room on the 13th floor (UFOlogists are apparently not triskaidekaphobic), the conference featured a half-dozen experts - all but one titled "doctor." Former U.S. Air Force Lt. Milton Torres entranced the audience with a firsthand account of his encounter with a UFO.

Kazakhstan Government To Build UFO Base and Alien Embassy
Posted by samzenpus on Thursday April 23, @01:49PM
Kazakhstan is in the process of building the world's first alien embassy with attached UFO landing pad and checkpoint.

A large plot of land in the city of Almaty has been allocated for the project. The embassy will include a guesthouse, theater, and translation service.

The government believes open contact with aliens will happen soon and by being the first nation to specifically create such facilities they will reap economic rewards. The Kazakhstan Government also see this as a chance to demonstrate their nation's forward-thinking policies. Nice!


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