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Spiders in The Curtains

Extracts from Chapter 1

Trade had been slow at the Road café, but what would you expect it was the middle of winter and the tourist trade had long since finished and given way to the bitter wind and rain of a Yorkshire winter. Martin cleaned away the remains of a “tea for two” he wondered if it was worth coming in, only four costumers all day and not a tip in sight! But “hey its not my problem as long as head office pay my wages” he thought. The wind howled around the wood frame building while Martin took a breather, with no customers in sight he brewed a cup of tea and sat down with his book. “Hey Geek” do you want a burger? Shouted the chef from behind the kitchen unit startling the student who was reading quietly…. “Yep, go on I’m starving” he said…

About 40 miles away things were totally different, pain and stress adorned the face of the driver of an Audi as the car hurtled down the road, sweat pouring from his brow a smear of blood dripping from his jacket lapel. The driver accelerated hard, the engine screaming in protest as he revved hard and pushed the speed over 130 mph, The driver fumbled on the seat next to him for his gun, but it had slid down the seat while taking a sharp corner, “Blast” thought the driver as the car belted forward, The Audi showed the scars of its assault on the car behind dented all over and smashed windows it have proved a useful tool, but it was starting to give up the ghost, the temperature was in the red and the driver knew he may have to fight his way out. The car behind was an angry black BMW, and it was doing its best to keep up, the driver calm and professional tried to predict the Audi’s next move. But what was coming he could never predict…

The Audi, with steam streaming out of the engine bay ploughed down the road with vengeance like nothing ever seen in the small Yorkshire village it was travelling through, the driver had calmed a bit, he was on his own turf now, memories of his youth flooded through head, he was on home territory and local knowledge was his best friend. Suddenly he felt a punch to his back that knocked the wind out of him, he was angry now. The road out of the village led to a humped back bridge over a disused railway line, the line long since gone and over grown, closed in the 60’s by Beeching. This was his salvation. The road known by locals the devils cutting had claimed many lives in the past. The Audi hit the bridge and took off, the chassis wobbled and twisted as it gained height. The front wheels were the first to impact the ground and rammed the suspension into it top housing bending the engine bay upwards, the engine itself dug into road surface scooping out a large grove. As the car shifted forwards the exhaust compressed shearing off the catalytic convertor at both ends sending it spinning out from under the car. As the rear of the car hit the ground the remaining rear section of the exhaust dug in and pivoted the back of the Audi skyward until it too sheared off sending it out from under the car like javelin. The driver of the BMW confident in his own abilities hit the bridge at speed only to see the Audi being launched up ward by the wayward exhaust. The remaining rear exhaust hit the BMW low down on the windscreen, slicing through the dashboard and into the driver, he was dead before the car hit the road surface.

The Audi spun around almost rolling over eventually coming to a rest on top of a dry stone wall. The driver watched fascinated, terrified as the BMW crashed through the wall on the opposite side and rolled harmlessly into the field scattering the sheep. Then nothing…He half expected to see the driver get out, but nothing. He reached down the side of the seat for his pistol, his hands shaking from the adrenalin rushing through his body he pulled it out and into his jacket pocket and got out of the steaming car. Slowly he walked over to the BMW wearily he approached, the gun now drawn, he looked into the car to see the body of the driver slumped forward, the exhaust had passed through the side of the dashboard and pierced his chest just below the right nipple. A bizarre feeling of total relief and sickness came over him as he stumbled back to the car. He was suddenly brought back to reality by the headlights of an approaching car, quickly he fetched a small yellow plastic case from the remains of the Audi and waited for the car to stop. “Bloody hell mate are you ok?” said a strong Yorkshire accented man. “Fine” he replied as he drew the pistol from his jacket pocket and pointed at the man.

It didn’t take a second for the driver to throw over his keys. He winced in pain as he approached the car, suddenly a sharp pain ran up his side he instinctively reached to his kidney only to feel a damp sticky patch on his back, he knew now he did not have too long, the reality of what was happening to him gave him a sudden jolt and a new sense of purpose. He knew he may have to die for it, but that was always the risk.

The car fired up and he headed out of the village, he had no idea what he was going to do, things had not exactly gone to plan. It was time to adlib a bit. After 10 miles he decided he needed to change the vehicle, he had seen several sets of blue lights rushing to the crash scene and it was only a matter of time before they caught up with him… He saw a dimly lit road café, he would park up and head out on foot till he could find another suitable vehicle, the car park did not hold much choice, there was a 50cc scooter and an old series 3 Land Rover. As soon as he registered this he felt dizzy and passed out…

Extract from chapter 2

“Ok Martin do you believe in UFO’s?” the professor asked. This seemed a daft question to Martin bearing in mind what he had just gone through, but he figured he would play along. 'Ok Martin do you believe in UFOs?' the professor asked. “Well by definition the term UFO means Unidentified Flying Object so yes, there are probably lots objects flying around that I don’t know what they are from birds to new aircraft. Now if you are talking about the existence of alien civilizations then the Drake equation has proved that they most likely do exist, but if they are visiting us is another story. I would doubt it very much.” The professor was impressed “So you know of Professor Drake from SETI?” “Yes said Martin, I study physics at university, it came up in a lecture once, proved an interesting debate, had half the lecture theater arguing against the other.” “Yes the existence of extraterrestrials tend to produce some heated discussions, one I am not going to have with you, now it is my turn to talk.” The professor said sternly. “Let me tell you Martin they do exist and have been here visiting this planet for some time.” “I had a feeling you were going to go down that line when you asked me about UFO’s” said Martin.

The professor looked at Martin square in the eye “Let me tell you a story, during the World War 2 the American Government set up and experiment into radar invisibility, they used high frequency energy waves to try to hide a ship from radar and the experiment was a total disaster in one way and an outstanding success in another way.” “Yes I have heard about this experiment, it was called the Philadelphia Experiment, it was based on Einstein’s Unified Field Theory I think” The professor was now very impressed and please that he was talking to a fellow scientist, his job would be a lot easier. “Well with out going into details the scientists involved unwittingly opened a worm hole in space and time this led to several things, optical invisibility, inter dimensional travel, Time travel and contact with several alien species To be fair it opened a massive can of worms that had to be addressed and with in a few years diplomatic contact was established with some of these races, some friendly other not so. These contacts were done out of necessity to start with not because the US government wanted to.” The professor looked at Martin who was sat mouth open dumb founded. ”you ok he asked?” Yep fine, you are telling me that not only do that Aliens exist but they are visiting us here” “Well” said the professor “There is more to it than that, you see after the diplomatic relations were set up, three main races were stood out. “So who are they and what do they want? “Well the three main races we have dealing with are Pleiadeans, we call them Nordic Aliens. They are called that as they are human looking and have a Nordic appearance. Generally friendly and have technology massively advanced to anything we can even dream of.

There are than the Reptilians, they are a reptile based humanoid. These guys are not so friendly and believed that the planet Earth is inherently theirs. The claim to have inhabited the earth thousands of years ago and had to leave the planet due to a massive cataclysmic event that rendered the planet uninhabitable for several hundred thousand years. We don’t know what that was but we figured its something that they made. The Reptilians are extremely private and arrogant only a handful of humans are allowed to have contact with them and they consider themselves our superiors. We are looked upon as a human might look upon an ant.” Martin was now speechless, it seemed the people he was with were either totally an elite group or barking mad. How could this all be going on with out being leaked out he wondered. “There is one more race I haven’t talked about” the professor continued “And that is the Grays. These are probably the most common of all alien sightings and why do think that is?” “No idea” said Martin

“Well they are several Gray races but the one we are dealing with are an enslaved race. They do the dirty work for the Reptilians. The abductions and mostly the contact between species. They are genetically altered and engineered to do work for the Reptilians. More android that creature they lack morality and feelings. The other alien species do not like the grays or what they have become. They are extremely loyal to the Reptilians and because of this they are considered very dangerous. The other Gray races that exist of which there are a few have little or no interest in earth and therefore we have no contact or dealings with them. Martin looked at the professor, he was trying to figure out if the man was mad or not when the professor started speaking again. “Are you ok Martin?” “Yes I think so.” Now wide awake and fascinated “Well if that is the case let me continue with the history lesson.” The professor said. “I will try to narrow 60 years of history down into a bite size chunk

Extract from chapter 3

Meanwhile the assault team entered the bunker. Slowly and professionally they worked their way down the corridors that ran either side of the bunker checking every room for people and property that may belong to Majestic. Mike and Alec left the safety of the of the Majestic level and took up 2 positions on the top level over looking the gallery that was once the Control Room. The room now contained hundreds of boxed these were filled with old paper records of everything from company accounts to bank records. These provided all the cover they needed to lay a trap. Slowly the two teams came into sight their weapons raised sweeping from left to right. They were all dressed in black professional to the end and the end was now. Mike fired first, his Heckler and Koch MP5 bursting to life with fire and fury. The lead man fell first he was dead before he hit the ground. The bullets striking him in the chest and neck. A split second after he fired Alec fired his AR15 on the second group of men, the bullets cutting the lead two men down. Then all hell broke loose as the 3 remaining men took cover and fired back. Bullets chewed chunks of plaster out of the walls until eventually the fire died down. The smell of cordite hung in the air as the smoky haze slowly cleared.

“Mike, Alec you guys ok?” came a nervous voice over the radio.

“Yep, we are fine,” replied Alec “We have three of their team down, no injuries to our selves,”

“That’s received chaps,” Paul looked at his screen, he could see two more vehicles pulling up and another ten men all dressed in black and heavily armed got out of the car. “Gents its time for you to call it a day, we have ten hostiles coming your way,” said Peter.

“Yep that’s received, we will hold here for a while and then fall back,” Alec said. They both checked their weapons, and added new magazines. Paul took a strange looking device out of his bag and placed it on the ground in front of him. This should slow things down a bid.

Mike looked down the sights of his gun, he could see movement and realised the reinforcements had arrived. It was time for a show of force he took 2 hand grenades out of his bag and passed one to Alec. They counted down and then both threw them at the same time. In the confined space of the bunker the blast was deafening, and it reverberated all through the concrete structure. Paul who was still at his computer terminal in the Majestic level felt the blast and started calling his friends up over the radio. “Alec, Mike you ok, who did that?” he said with in a panicked voice.

“Yeah, yeah we are fine, just a bit deaf,” came the reply from Alex

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